Saturday, February 28, 2015

A teary-eyed Obama bids farewell to 'the Meerkat'
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     President Obama's Attorney General personal legal adviser, Eric Holder, soon will be vacating that position following a controversial long-running 'gig,' which most likely would have landed a lighter-skinned counterpart, at the very least, out of a job, and most likely behind bars.

     Any reflection on this hack's tenure as America's top 'law enforcer,' should be recorded as nothing more than an extension of the NAACP propaganda arm, but future Liberal history transcribers already are probably working feverishly to elevate him to a 21st century position of EMANCIPATOR.

     On the other hand, most Americans probably view departure of this two-bit race card dealer, as a step ahead to normalcy of our race relation-scarred nation under his rule.

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