Thursday, February 26, 2015

Greta believes Obama "has some 'splainin' to do." But many Americans now conclude, his issues have deeper roots.

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"The gap between Barack Obama’s supposed credentials and his actual performance is so wide that people are beginning to wonder if there might be another explanation." 
-- David L. Goetsch

     Goetsch goes on to say, "Sometimes when things do not make sense to thinking people it is because they refuse to see what is staring them right in the face. If one considers that perhaps President Obama’s apple did not fall too far from his father’s tree, his apparent ineptitude can be viewed in a different light, one that actually makes sense. Perhaps the president is not inept at all. Perhaps he is doing precisely what he planned to do all along: purposefully undermine the United States and everything it stands for. Could it be that we elected a president who would welcome the downfall of America? Is it possible that Barack Obama views the United States through the lenses of his father’s anti-colonialism perspective? I will admit to finding this line of thought difficult to grasp as do some other conservatives with whom I have raised the question, but that might be because people of good will always find it difficult to believe that others don’t share their good will."  Keep reading, here:


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