Monday, August 24, 2015

A friendly message for Pope 'Buttinsky.' Chew on these ugly facts about nomadic 'suffering people of the world.'

     Pope Francis has scheduled a 'talking tour' to the United States of America September 22nd thru the 27th, seemingly to lecture the good people/Christians of the 'most giving nation on the face of this earth' about goodness and privilege.    Loosely translated, 'you suckers should be bringing, any ONE, of the BILLIONS of peripatetic copycats for sheltering, under our already weathered umbrella.

     His 'holiness' could spare us this pompous preaching, and do his part to save the planet from extinction from that dastardly global warming he enjoys pontificating about,  by not spewing thousands of tons of carbon into the atmosphere from a monstrous crop duster which will transport him to our shores.  All his 'worship' has to do, is saunter a few feet beyond that fortress known as Vatican City, and spoon feed the same dribble to his adoring Italian benefactors.

     Italy's Conservative politicians recently "called for boatloads of refugees to be sent back to Libya, while the system of migrant reception centers is on the verge of collapse."  

Italy's 'Conservative politicians called this week for boatloads of refugees to be sent back to Libya'

Perhaps this very same ultimatum should be delivered to our 
Political Panderers in Washington, D.C.
Luis Vicente Gutiérrez
Chicago's Pandering Progressive Latino-American Congressman

     This observation from a commenter at an unidentified website probably offered the best advice yet for pandering American politicians, such as Congressman Luis Gutierrez from Chicago.  'No first-world country can allow a few (million) folks with a sob-story to move there, unless it allows everyone (of the billions) mouthing a similar tale of woe to settle too. The numbers are too massive - so, 'none' is the most ethical number.'

is the most ethical number

    "Immigration can never be an effective or significant way to deal with suffering people of the world."   Immigration author and journalist Roy Beck probably illustrates this most important conclusion by using GUMBALLS to  make sense of the senseless,  most often peddled by Progressive dreamers such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Luis Gutierrez and of course, Pope Francis.

     Please allot yourself six minutes to receive this comprehensive education about immigration, which ultimately pops the bubble of hypocrites such as those mentioned above.

The following video is a
presentation which should be required viewing by every
'bleeding heart Liberal'
not only in America, 
but throughout the world.

                                  IMMIGRATION, WORLD POVERTY AND GUMBALLS

        The aforementioned Bleeding heart Liberals,  in their never ending struggle to call a rose, a prefer the term "undocumented workers." No . . . they're not "undocumented." That phrase suggests they forgot their documents (visas and passports) on the kitchen counter at home.  Before political correctness became a way of life in America, and long before our conversational English language was bastardized by demented leftist educators, people who entered this country without proper documentation (visas and passports) were rightfully labeled as ILLEGAL ALIENS.  Their actions were not rewarded with government hand outs at the expense of hard working American citizens, but rather incarcerated, and subsequently deported.

      Official federal statistics show that during the whole decade of the 1950s, the federal government formally removed 150,000 illegal aliens and recorded about 3.9 million "voluntary departures."  The official total from 1930 to 1960 is 477,000 formal removals and 5.4 million who left voluntarily. *

"Immigration can never be an effective or significant way to deal with suffering people of the world"

     Liberals, and political activist lunatics such as Chicago Congressman Luis Gutierrez, tug at American's heart strings by attempting to sell their same old sob story about these law breaking fence jumpers as simply trying to escape violence in their home country.  Someone should remind 'Lefty Louie' that Chicago has more than its share of violence, without importing other country's 'problem children.'  When last checked. there was no mad dash for the Canadian border to escape violence back home in Chicago.


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