Friday, August 21, 2015

Perhaps it is time to 'investigate Representatives Jan Schakowsky, Zoe Lofgren, Jerry Nadler, and Yvette Clarke' for their role in alleged 'crimes against humanity.'

Think about recently released videos exposing
maniacal operation.....

     .....and then compare its atrocities with the following cowardly words from apparent Democrat CULT Congressman/Congressladies,  who took a solemn oath to represent ALL Americans in the United States House of Representatives.  These useful fools are not outraged by the horror of exposed evidence, but rather, they want those giving us visual proof of what has allegedly been happening at this scam operation to be investigated, and ultimately prosecuted.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler, Democrat 'cult', New York
        “This video is nothing more than a witch hunt – an elaborate, possibly illegal, scheme to attack Planned Parenthood, undermine their life-saving work and deny the Constitutional and moral rights of women across the country.

"My dream was to become a Congressman representing citizens of
New York in the year 2040.  My dreams however,  were cut short in the year 2015, by ambitious political hacks such as Current Congressman Jerry Nadler, and the cult he worships."

     I urge the Department of Justice and the state of California to investigate the Center for Medical Progress and determine if their activities in planning and making these videos violated state and federal laws. We need to stand up to such bullying tactics and ensure that every woman is free to make her own health care decisions.
Congresswoman Lady Jan Schakowsky, Democrat 'cult', Illinois

      “This is a new low, even for anti-abortion activists who will stop at nothing in their effort to undermine a woman’s right to choose.  

"I'll never have the same opportunity to become a representative of the citizens living in Illinois.  I was hoping to someday express my outrage to Jan Schakowsky, but another kid here in heaven told me not to waste my time because she never will be allowed in this place."

     Schakowsky added, “I believe the Center for Medical Progress may have broken the law in developing and executing this unbelievably elaborate and troubling scheme, and all Americans should have concerns about that.  I hope that Attorneys General Lynch and Harris will investigate this case.”

Congresswoman Lady Zoe Lofgren, Democrat 'cult', California
     “Planned Parenthood is a well-respected and important organization in my community."  “One in five women in America has gone to Planned Parenthood at some point in their lives. 

 "I was thinking, maybe a Democrat 'cultist' such as Zoe Lofgren might be someday asked if her support for Planned Parenthood's atrocities may have (in her words) BROKEN THE LAW."

     Lofgren continued by expressing her outrage, "The recent surreptitiously recorded video is the latest iteration of harassment and partisan attacks on Planned Parenthood which have become far too common, and raises serious legal questions that merit an investigation into whether the so-called ‘Center for Medical Process’ has broken the law.”

Congresswoman Lady Yvette Clarke, Democrat 'cult', New York
     “I am deeply concerned about the allegations that federal and state laws were violated in an attempt to attack Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides critical health care services to more than three million men and women each year, and that the attack was coordinated by conservative activists who want to discredit Planned Parenthood and its work.    

"My dream, if I had been allowed to live, was to carry on the work of great women like Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks, but those given the opportunity, such as Representative Yvette Clarke, focused their attention on more important matters, critical to the survival of her Democrat 'cult.' If this might mean anything to you Yvette, as  the kids up here like to say,  ABORTED LIVES MATTER"

     Following the lead, or instructions of her handlers, Clarke echoed words of her colleagues,  “I urge  Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Honorable Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California, to initiate a full investigation into this incident to determine if any fraud or other illegal activities were committed.”

     Many Americans, if they had the authority and ability to do so, would force the likes of Representatives Jan Schakowsky, Zoe Lofgren, Jerry Nadler, and Yvette Clarke to witness, in person, these actual gruesome and murderous procedures.  Of course, we all know such an event will never happen.  Primarily because people such as these immoral four status seekers in the Democrat 'Cult', are much too cowardly to subject themselves to the slaughtering of another human being. 

     Thanks to them, and many of their predecessors, the ruling of several politically motivated lawyers, playing dress-up in fancy black robes, decided it was okay with them to end the lives of fellow human beings.  In this country alone, more than 55 million, since their brilliant declaration.



     Maybe some day, true justice will prevail, and these now deceased lawyers playing a game of dress-up, will be posthumously found guilty of monstrous crimes against humanity.  And Jan Schakowsky, Zoe Lofgren, Jerry Nadler, and Yvette Clarke will also have their 'day in court.'  At least they will be given an opportunity to make a case for living, unlike the choice they, and their sinister colleagues never extended to 55 million murdered babies.

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