Tuesday, October 6, 2015

HILLARY STILL LEADS IN 'DEMS' POLLS -- Did you poll Chris Stevens and Vince Foster for their opinion--oh wait, you can't--They're dead!

Hillary's worst nightmare....
(Dead Men Tell No Tales)

     Assuming she manages to somehow dodge the expected gantlet of present, past and future accusations 'conjured' up by those nasty Right Wing Conspirators, and takes her rightful place as the Democrat Cult's chosen one in the November 2016 Presidential General Election, someone is bound to raise this most basic question;   Was the death of Hillary's long time friend, Vince Foster an "OOPs," or more of a "BUREAUCRATIC SNAFU" akin to the savage murder of HER hand-picked Libyan Ambassador, Chris Stevens?

~~ 'OOPS' ~~

    Linda Tripp, a former White House employee who had a key role in the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal, recently emerged and said "Hillary must never become President, labeling the former First Lady as ruthless, and a liar who treats the public with contempt."

     According to Tripp,  Hillary Clinton's mind set is, ‘I will do what I want and then when I’m questioned I will say, “oops,” or “bureaucratic snafu”, and then after a couple of months her refrain will be, “this is old news, it’s been investigated, I did nothing wrong, let’s move on, it’s time to address the issues facing the middle class of America.” *


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