Thursday, January 19, 2017

As we say goodbye to the White House Gardener.

     The pixie dust has settled, an eternally youthful Unicorn disappears somewhere over the rainbow, and a man from nowhere reluctantly slips away, leaving many of those who originally asked where he came from, still searching for answers.

     Without question, the biggest 'back-room deal' in the history of this country surrounded the selection of a relatively obscure person named Barry Soetoro,  subsequently cast in the most important role of his life, as the character known as Barack Obama.

     Transformation from a man of no significant importance, to the most powerful person on the face of this Earth. A real-life Chauncey Gardner!

     In the 1979 Peter Seller's movie, Being There, the main character "Chauncey, is a simple gardener who has never left the estate until his employer dies.  His simple TV-informed utterances are mistaken for profundity."*  Following a series of identity adjustments and misleading information, Chauncey is believed to be an infallible person, almost to a degree of possessing the ability to actually walk on water, and therefore a most logical choice by the 'back-room boys' to be their choice for President of the United States.

     The so-called main stream media, manipulated and ultimately controlled by those same real life 'back-room boys,' convinced a naïve and gullible American electorate that Barack Obama, just like Chauncey Gardner, could do no wrong, and therefore was beyond reproach and forever free from what they consider petty criticism.
      In 2008, as Hillary Clinton waited patiently in the wings for her understudy role, to finally be selected as the main the credits rolled, the final decision came from the 'back-room boys,' just as it did for Obama and another obscure character some years earlier, her husband, William Jefferson Clinton.
      Back-room boys seldom step into the spotlight.  They happily accept roles to  slowly become old men, freely accepting the opportunity to lurk in the shadows of time.  They die and are buried, but never are really dead. 

     And until this Presidential cycle, when an outsider named Donald Trump threw a wrench into their usually smooth running mechanism, no one would have expected the selection process to operate otherwise. If this 'experiment' with Trump proves not to be successful, the same arrogant and repulsive slave masters who hand-picked Barack Obama and his predecessors, will--from the grave--tell you and me, who OUR choice will be for all future Presidents of the United States. Just as they did with BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and CHAUNCEY GARDNER! 

     To this new real-life President we extend our best wishes, and with a cautious and curious World watching, we pray for his success.  No one wants this process returned to the 'back-room-boys,' therefore for the survival of this country and a sometimes confused world, there is no other option.

     And if you do succeed Mister Trump,  you can be assured, at least the fictitious Chauncey will indeed be proud of you.  

"Donald Trump," by Michael O'Brien, 1989 (printed 2011)

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