Tuesday, January 31, 2017

'Chuckie Schumer' proves himself to be a drama queen Hypocrite. So why should anyone believe him?


A person who pretends to have 
virtues, moral  or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions
 belie stated beliefs.
(See professional actor in above video)
     "No need for those salty tears.  Cosplayers, a company in Japan has created a product just for you. The next time you need some over-dramatic waterworks on your face, pull out a bottle of Namida Gel, and set those tears in place. Bonus: you can use it for sweat, too!" 

     OR perhaps even OTHER bodily fluids, as demonstrated by Chuck Schumer's protégé, ANTHONY WEINER, alias--'CARLOS DANGER.'

     You will not hear the name Anthony Weiner mentioned these days by his former BIGGEST supporter, Senator Charles Schumer.  Some might say Chuckie even went beyond what could be expected of an aspiring young Congressman, when he took this newly graduated high school boy under his wing, and into his Congressional office as an eager and ambitious intern.

     As Schumer's career eventually saw him rise to become a United States Senator, his protégé Weiner, was eying a political career of his own.  Many of those moves under the watchful eye of 'the mentor,' Chuck Schumer.  When Weiner's decisions would have taken him in one direction, Chuckie was there to advise him to remain patient, as if knowing a 'new' opening would avail itself, benefiting his star student, young Anthony Weiner. 

      And so, this was the beginning of Congressman Anthony Weiner's introduction to Washington politics, and what could have been a life-long career, serving in the United States House of Representatives.  Until, that is,   he got caught up in a salacious and scandalous 'sexting maze,' which eventually forced him to resign, and ultimately ended his marriage to Huma Abedin.  Miss Abedin, you will remember was Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton's closest aide, and confidant.

Love was soon to be in the air

     So close was Mrs. Clinton with her former White House intern, that when Huma met Congressman Anthony Weiner, and they eventually decided to get married,

     it was former President Bill Clinton who actually united the happy couple.   Apparently 'James Deen, Chuckie Schumer or Ron Jermey' were not available to conduct the nuptial ceremony...therefore, they settled on Bubba.

     The American people should be asking Democrats, "do you represent all of us, or do you believe your purpose is to satisfy demands of a constant flow of  fringe group dissidents?" Demand answers from the Democrat leaders--Nancy Pelosi in the House, and Chuck Schumer in the Senate--when they wage a daily war against practically every nomination, and decision, President Trump unveils, do you honestly believe you are serving ALL the people, or your usual pockets of fringe group dissidents.

      With regards to individual nominations to fill cabinet posts, or any one, of a multitude of Federal Agencies, Pelosi and Schumer are out of the gate challenging each and every candidate.  Taking a look at Senator Schumer's personal experience with mistakes he made in the selection of Anthony Weiner to be a trusted aide, should disqualify him from defining someone else's character, and ability to serve the people of this country.  

     And when a newly elected American President is ridiculed for making a decision directly intended to have a major effect on the safety of our citizens, you...Senator Schumer, damn well better have a purpose other than patronizing to a select audience, all in the name of promoting your political self interests.

     As a United States Senator you have every right to question motivations and decisions handed down by President Donald Trump, but quoting his predecessor Barack Obama after capturing the Presidency for the Democratic Party.  "I won."
On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump WON, and on the 20th of January 2017, he was sworn in to serve ALL the people (citizens) of the United States of America. 

     The next Presidential election is now less than four years away.  If YOU are so confident in your own character and qualifications, you too have a right to challenge PRESIDENT Trump, and make your case in front of the American voters.  It might be interesting to see if you could win a national election, outside the security of 'Liberal-land, New York.'  Please Chuck--go ahead--win one for your protégé...Carlos Danger.  


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