Tuesday, June 13, 2017

There....We fixed it. These days, there aren't many people playing with a full deck. (Satire)

Sunday in the park
plays to 
standing ovation

"Conservative critics are calling 
this latest adaptation...
Brilliant !!!"
Liberal 'artists' love patting one another on the back when presenting, what they consider works of art, such as the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ suspended in a container of urine. 

 Who could possible forget this masterpiece?

     And if a good old dunking of the Son of God and Savior of Mankind in a cask of pee won't keep their audiences amused with back-slapping mirthfulness and coming back for more...why not slither into the 21st Century, and bring down the house with a bloody parody resulting in the ASSASSINATION OF THE CURRENT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

     Liberalism has definitely left its mark on this nation, and after 241 years as a somewhat civilized bastion of freedom, it would seem that their ultimate quest for a so-called Utopian new world order has finally come within the reach of their puppet masters.

     Those who control the minds of our children have demonized everything which is good about this country, and their focused objectives have succeeded to such a demoralizing degree, that today's kids have been brainwashed into not only hating those who made this nation great, but also questioning their own worth to this now disfigured society. 

     Someone recently described Liberalism as a mental illness. Conservative political commentator Steven Crowder thinks "Perhaps leftists are suffering from a God complex in addition to being mentally ill. These loopy leftists aren’t playing with a full deck, but they want absolute control over everything. Including your healthcare, child’s education, retirement (social security), and how many genders there are in any given day."

     What Crowder is saying quite unscientifically is that these people are NUTS!  Unless of course, you consider the brutal stabbing death of a current sitting President to be normal. And then of course, you probably aren't playing with a full deck either.

NOTE: No politicians were harmed during the reporting of this nonsense.

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