Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A new generation of kids mistakenly believe they 'discovered' STAR WARS and Obi-Wan Kenobi.....

    The United Kingdom's new generation, lovingly known as SNOWFLAKES, have alligned themselves with this disheveled character.  Yes, the British kids are simply ga-ga over this guy....they're just wild about Jerry!

     But all generations of kids have been known to rebel against....well, whatever is, and has always been normal to a well adjusted and rational society.  And, kids all over this planet react in a similar manner.  Children on this side of the pond went uncontrollably orgasmic over this guy....a flower-child, and throwback to the 60s.

     These children either ignore history, or more likely as is probably the case here in the United States, their Liberal pseudo-professors conveniently failed to mention during the educational gig, things don't always work out so swell for those they mistakenly accept as idols. 

     Marionettes masquerading as puppet leaders throughout Europe, should pay close attention to extreme actions taken by desperate 'generations past.'  Humans are a strange lot.  They rally around you one moment, and in the next....they can (and will) turn your world up-side-down. (see above photo.  Unfortunately for Mussolini...he never did).

     There are consequences, Europe. You not only allowed this to happen, but people like Germany's Angela Merkel opened the doors and literally begged for it to happen. And when these outcasts of humanity commit a crime in your country, people like Mrs. Merkel doubles down on her own people, labeling them intolerant and racists if they react with outrage.  

     So if YOU (the invaders) are stains on the fabric of your new home and commit a crime, not only will nothing happen, but people like Mrs. Merkel will reward you and promise to double your numbers with like-minded dysfunctionals.

      Meanwhile, the victims will watch their homeland and heritage deteriorate...doomed to disappear, while at the same time being stuck with all the aftermath.

     And with people like Mrs. Merkel, and cartoon caricatures such as Jeremy Corbyn, Macron (already rooted) in France, and Sweden's Stefan Löfven at the helm running  wrecking things in Europe, it will never get any better. 

     It is only going to get worse.

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