Monday, July 31, 2017

When Mario Cuomo was New York's Governor, media critics probably would not have been throwing around those 'Mafia/Mobster' comments

     According to an article at the Daily Caller, "New York Times Columnist Bret Stephens mocked White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on “MSNBC Live” Thursday, saying that listening to him was like “Hearing ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People’ reinterpreted by John Gotti.”

  In plain English, a political hack (playing the role of a journalist) at MSNBC gets a pass when comparing President Trump's new White House Communications Director, Scaramucci, to the murderous gangster, John Gotti. How Un-Liberal of him.

    Meanwhile, their beloved former New York Governor Mario Cuomo appointed a man to be his Chief of Staff by the name of Vito Castellano.

    If that name sound familiar, it should.  Vito, a person considered the right hand man to the chief executive officer of the State of New York, had a cousin named Paul Castellano. 

    Paul Castellano, better known in New York mobster circles as "Big Paulie," headed the Gambino crime family, "the nation's most powerful, influential, richest, largest, successful, prominent, dangerous, and feared Mafia family.

     So, 'Big Paulie's' Cousin Vito, lands a position working as, what some cautious critics might describe,  marionette-master of New York State's Governor Mario Cuomo, and no one sees the slightest speck of conflict?*  In today's world, mouthpieces at MSNBC, and other fake news media probably would have been a bit more discreet using those inflammatory  Mafia/mobster comments.  They say swimming floating with the (dead) fishes in New York harbor was a wonderful experience...especially at this time of year. /s

     "During his regime, Paul Castellano was one of the most powerful, influential, clever and efficient crime bosses in America. Castellano was also one of the most richest and successful mafia bosses in America. At his peak, Castellano had a staggering net worth of an estimated $21 Billion (which is equivalent to an estimated $60 Billion as of 2017) Castellano was making at least $3 Billion a year thru mainly 

Waste management,  
No-Show Jobs, 
Building trade, 
Labor unions, 
Labor racketeering, 
Garment industry, 
Cement industry, 
Carpentry industry, 
Scrap Yards, 
Junk Yards, 
Garbage hauling, 
Fish industry, 
Meat and Produce industry, 
The Ports, 
Housing Urban Development Scam, 
Real Estate, 
Topless Bars, 
Strip Clubs, 
Teamsters Pension Fund, 
Stock Fraud, 
Market Manipulation, 
Stock Markets, 
Auto Dealerships, 
Skimming Casinos, 
Numbers Racket, 
Waterfront unions, 
Electrical unions, 
Gambling and 

     Using today's fake news media logic, just by association, one might say (not that it would be in any way true, mind you, but) it was beneficial having a 'cousin' working as Chief of Staff for the (then) Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, who just happens to be...wait for it...father of the current Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who many observers believe might be among the Democratic Party's Presidential contenders in 2020.  You just can't make these things up, and if you depended on the fake news media, you would never know about this cute little fish story.

     Should be interesting to see if MSNBC commentators will be as forthcoming with their MOBSTER, MAFIA labeling if 'Junior Cuomo' (I believe, just like Anthony Scaramucci, a man of Italian decent) does indeed become the Democrat's Presidential nominee in 2020.

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