Sunday, May 10, 2009

425,000 POWs in Suburbia!

So much being made about a hand full of detainees (terrorist, prisoners or however they are being recognized this week) presently housed at Gitmo. Granted, I will be first in line to protest any move of these murderous characters to join our general populace but, it would not be the first time 'prisoners of war' shared or sacred soil. By the end of World War II, we reportedly had around 425,000 prisoners of war incarcerated at numerous locations throughout the United States.

My goodness. All these chambers of horror being operated while under the leadership of beloved Democratic Presidents; Franklin D. Roosevelt, followed by Harry S. Truman). Leaves one wondering if any 'water board-like torture tactics' were being used in any of those many locations. So soon people like Nancy Pelosi forget when the shoe was on the other foot. Of course the usual place for her foot lately has found a convenient resting place in her mouth!

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