Friday, May 8, 2009

What is REALLY happening?

Can anyone put their finger on what is really happening in this country via Washington, D-C these past few months. I think we all know there is something sinister at the core, but no one--not ever the so-called experts, seem to have an answer for this mystery.

If your are a football fan, you know the key to any good play being successful is coordination between the Quarterback and those other guys on the field watching out for his ass. Running interference for the ball handler usually results in the successful conclusion of a pre-planned play.

So in 'real life Washington,' is that what happens when a 747 used as Air Force One buzzes, of all places, New York City. I mean is there really something else going on, something really rotten and if you divert enough attention away from the stink, perhaps scaring a 'few' people at ground zero is truly the ends justifying the means. And after all the outcry for answers, a White House 'shlub' falls on the sword of redemption and a Photo shopped picture is released.

So you have the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her surrogates rant and rage about the atrocities of torture methods utilized by the Bush administration and how they should all be dragged before a court and 'crucified.' This all sounded pretty appetizing to their many minions--great until Pelosi got called out on her own lies. Now a sudden silence has fallen over the pristines skyline of D-C. Did the end justfy the means? What stink was simmering in the pot?

And that seems to be the problem. No one. Absolutely NO ONE seems to be able to put their finger on what is really going on.

Last year, in another of my blogs, I suggested there was something 'going on' in this country of scandalous perportions. I couldn't put my finger on it then, just as my index digit even now refuses to straighten out and point to the truth of this matter.

The truth will be revealed, probably sooner than any American would like. Lets all just pray it won't be too late to save ourselves, our families and our Country.

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