Sunday, May 24, 2009

Americans deserve better

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi informed the American people on Friday she will have nothing further to say regarding her earlier disparaging comments directed at the Central Intelligence Agency. Rather unusual response from someone who was so quick to condemn those possessing security information with 'tight lips.'

Pelosi should have learned because of her advanced years, in order to take a seat reserved at the table of three 'unresponsive monkeys,' in order to get that privilege, one must see, hear and speak no evil. For a woman whose very political existence hangs in the balance based on her openess, suddenly she chooses to recluse herself, commenting only when the political climate suits her selfish and ambitious needs.

During normal times, she already would have been cast back to the garbage heap of misfits in districts she represents on the left coast. However, with this group, there is always a free pass--they pass go, they collect their two hundred (million) dollars, and most definitely will never go to jail!

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