Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed--the trial (The farce)!

Despite numerous arguments debating whether Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should receive privilege of civilian trial in New York City's federal court, no mention of one very important negative aspect.

As a court reporter and later, some twenty five years in the 'restaurant business,' one very important rule applied; Presentation/Appearance. As a consumer, you are quite aware, those mouthwatering entrees featured in television commercials are usually far from what actually is delivered to your restaurant dinner table.

Same applies in the judicial system, especially in criminal court. The defendant rarely resembles likeness of people depicted in newspaper photo accounts at the time of their apprehension and arrest.

Therefore, when our friend Khalid Sheikh Mohammed finally arrives in his stretch limo for the Obama Administration's Justice Department circus in New York City, you will wonder why 'Omar Sharif' is being placed on trial.

Mark my words folks and please hang on to the picture accompanying this article. Oh, and another photo you may want to add will be that of the 'good Sheikh's' legal team.

No doubt they will be lining up in droves--the ACLU will most likely be keeping an eagle eye's view of proceeding and no doubt there will be a large pool of attorneys from which to choose.

Following the 2010 mid term elections, there should be a multitude of Democrat U-S Congressmen returning to 'private practice.'

Hey Alan Grayson--are you listening!!!

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