Sunday, November 15, 2009

"President Obama has so much on his plate"

Am I alone.....tired of hearing defender mouth pieces of President Obama use this excuse for his lack of actual accomplishments.

We can spend hours exchanging cliches and catchy little phrases, describing an Administration running around in an 'Alice in Wonderland-like' maze in fairyland Washington.

Please spare us hearing these, and other overused, tired responses in the future--President Obama has so much on his plate. Just once wouldn't you appreciate a clever young television interviewer replying--Maybe he shouldn't have bitten off more than he could chew. No one forced this overly ambitious neophyte amateur nibbler to dine at an all you can eat buffet, perhaps with a gluttonous Fat Albert appetite of someone like Michael Moore, when his physical consumption tolerance is incapable of devouring a thimble portion of chow.

With each passing day, more Americans are realizing this President's approach to the buffet line is comparable to wearing near-sighted corrective lenses, resulting in an overly loaded platter, likely exhibiting a man whose eyes are bigger than his stomach.

And before heading to the dessert trough Mister President, please listen to the American people-- finish whats on your plate.

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