Sunday, November 15, 2009

Was trying to hide it, but for those who asked, this is my Personal Profile!

Creating a personal profile bears an ugly resemblance to Resume writing, therefore I'll spare any passers-by, boring details, and submit this abbreviated version.

Currently a resident of Florida, I'm a native Pennsylvanian. Son of loving parents, whose obvious sense of timing or humor, placed me second, between two other brothers.

Advanced educational pursuits resulted in a Business Administration Associates Degree. However, a minor skirmish in Southeast Asia interrupted ongoing educational plans and a somewhat rapid transition was made from popular Tye-dye fashions to interesting looking government issued uniforms, worn by members of the United States Air Force.

During a tour of duty in Korea, associates suggested a career change, with focus on Radio and Television Broadcasting. Taking that advice, received working educational skills in Washington, D.C, remaining in that general area for about three years. Realizing after ten years of broadcasting contributions, major news organizations were not exactly stampeding to my door, although a little known start-up news organization did offer me a job in Georgia, however at the time, I wasn't receptive to pulling up roots and relocating for employment with some 'unknown' operation. So, I held my ground and decided it might be a perfect time to once again consider a career change. (Glancing back over my shoulder today, CNN probably would have been a wiser choice at that time--perhaps if I was now there, their ratings wouldn't be 'tanking').

Going full circle, I set out on my own and tested waters of being a small businessman. Plenty of hard work resulted in successful business ventures in the field of hospitality. Following twenty years of that gig, and a like number of Winters I'd rather forget, my vision focused on the warm tropical climate of Florida.

A rather popular central Florida tourist resort provided employment for four years. Two of those spent as Director of Food and Beverage. Also, General Manager of resort restaurant services, provided ample use of my time, but when the economy turned sour, and downright distasteful in the tourism industry, my employers, like so many others throughout the country, conveniently took advantage of the situation and severed ties.

Obviously, I'm finally enjoying my home here in sunny Florida.

So you see, some stories actually do have a happy ending.

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