Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A rose by any other name is still, er...ah...WITNESS TAMPERING!

Attorney: Benghazi Whistle-Blowers Threatened by White House --

   According to an April 30th article at, writer Awr Hawkins, says "Victoria Toensing, Republican Counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, says her client, a State Department official now considered a whistle-blower in the investigation of the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, has been "threatened" by Obama administration officials."

     These so-called whistle-blowers will eventually appear as witnesses before Congressional and Senate committees trying to get some HONEST ANSWERS to what really happened when four Americans were brutally murdered in Benghazi, Libya.

     "Toensing claimed the threats relate to ending the careers of those with information about the attacks who cooperate with investigators and testify."

    Some might argue, what is going on here is simply put-- harassment but most will agree this could indeed   be labeled WITNESS TAMPERING!  Last time we checked, there are laws specifically designed to punish those who attempt to corrupt a witness.                                                                         "The law says that any person who corruptly persuades a witness with the intention of interfering with the evidence or make the witness not attend an official hearing to which that person has been summoned to give evidence shall be fined depending on the offense."                                                                "The statutes dealing with consequences of tampering with a witness are outlined by the U.S. criminal code. Under the code, tampering with a witness is multifaceted and includes any action of perpetration or a threat intended to make a witness not release information to the prosecutor for the details of a certain criminal investigation. The code clearly explains in detail the circumstances and the punishments for anyone caught tampering with a witness in a criminal trial."*

     When questioned about potential witnesses being blocked from testifying before these investigative committees, President Barack Obama told a news conference that he "was not familiar with it" (witnesses being blocked).

     One of these whistle-blowers "alleges that Obama is completely aware of who was responsible, (for the attacks) but is refusing to take action."** This same source goes on to say "we’re actively refusing to do it, because “We don’t want to upset anybody.”

     This President seems to make a habit of embracing those who have overtly displayed hatred toward this country and it citizens.  We will leave the unanswered question of why to those far more knowledgeable about the psychological activities of this man's mind, and of course, the ever present conspiracy theorists.  We have witnessed time and again with Obama, he never passes up an opportunity to degrade and mock those on the political RIGHT in this country.  We view them as Patriotic Flag Waving Americans, but to Obama and his fellow Libs on the Left (media included),  those 'clinging to their guns and religion.' 

     We would not want to see this President 'UPSET ANYBODY,' but for the survival of his own nation, perhaps he might tell his Muslim Brotherhood buddies and Saudi-grown terrorists to stop 'clinging to their guns and religion.'
** Robert Laurie

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