Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chelsea Clinton is Pregnant * Seems like just yesterday we were reporting on her wedding day shindig!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"The Clampetts" throw a shindig for Ellie May

A guest makes her way to one of the buses in Rhinebeck which was ferrying the exclusive congregation to Chelsea's wedding

Chelsea Clinton (Mezvinsky) is probably a very nice person, and to her credit, she did reportedly request a 'quiet' wedding ceremony, but unfortunately for her, she happens to be the only child of Mawh and pawh Clampett.

According to the Daily Mail report "....Of course she understood that, her parents being who they are, she didn’t have much choice but to have a big do.
With all due respect to Mrs. Mezvinsky, there probably is no doubt the daughter of former President George W. Bush, also realized who her parents were, but in comparison, her (big do) wedding bill reportedly was $100,000.00. The tents sheltering Chelsea's guests were reported to have cost SIX times that much alone.

Obviously critics will say, 'it is the Clinton's money and they can spend it as they see fit,' however those same critics should also realize these are the same people who jet around the world preaching fiscal responsibility and how the riches of everyone else should be distributed amongst the masses. Not really certain if the 500 invited and privileged wedding guests could be considered the masses they so vigorously endorse as 'needy!'

At the conclusion of these festivities, let us all reflect on what a wonderful time we had being part of America's pretend Royal Wedding!
(No word on where the newly married couple will celebrate their honeymoon, but most agree, if Chelsea has her way, it will not be a Big Do!)

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