Friday, November 22, 2013

"Harvey Weinstein to Bring 'Ten Commandments' Miniseries to TV" (1)
Harvey Weinstein

     One must question if Weinstein's remake of this biblical classic will have less to do with worshiping God or, more emphasis placed on the  Progressive gospel of liberalism, aimed at reflecting their own immoral and degenerate fantasies. 

     Probably something more related to not God blessing America, but as one of their disciples once proclaimed, 'God damn America.' In fact, Harvey Weinstein, during a recent interview unintentionally may have paraphrased this, until now, and previously unmatched outrageous statement by declaring, "Obama’s not embarrassing. The country is embarrassing.”

"Obama’s not embarrassing. The country is embarrassing.”

     Just another vehicle to provide a continued  indoctrination of inaccurate and radical ideologies, and quite certainly an ultimate goal of achieving total thought control of what they envision for what they consider, 'their' unwashed masses.

     Many will agree, Hollywood is always at the ready to support it's Judas-Priest Progressive politicians, whenever their ideological programs such as Obama-care, rightfully travels toward the gutter and subsequently downward to a sewer-like entombment.  For example, the totally distorted feminist movement was certainly propped up by Hollywood intervention.

     According to, in an article penned by Paul Wilson, "The now-canceled show “GCB,” formerly titled “Good Christian Bitches,” existed to portray Christians as materialistic hypocrites who lie, cheat, betray friendships and confidences – essentially, they live like their Hollywood creators. A sampling of “GCB’s” mocking version of the 10 Commandments includes: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s husband… Unless he’s really hot.” “Thou shalt love a “C” cup, unless you fit into a “D” cup.” “Thou shalt know it’s wrong to expose your thong.” “Thou shalt add bling to everything.” “Thou shall not wear it if it’s under a carat.” and “Thou shalt match the volume of thy hair to the size of thy handbag.”3

      And so now, someone of Harvey Weinsteins ilk is crawling up from the sewer once again to enlighten a totally new generation on the inter-workings of a Liberal-Progressive-political ideology as it relates to the left's bruised and fractured 'chosen one.'  Or in basic terms, Thou shalt not pay attention to the chosen ones continued failed leadership!

     As someone wisely stated, "Just as liberals become federalists when it’s constitutionally convenient, they become Bible scholars when they believe it can be used as a “tool of progressive social change.” 


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