Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There are those who might wonder, "What would this lily white 'racist in sheep's clothing' know about living amongst his brothers in the 'hood'?"


Is he spewing verbal fire, or only attempting to avoid choking on his own post martini spittle?
Chris Matthews

     Scott Whitlock at Newsbusters asks, "What world does Chris Matthews live in? The MSNBC anchor worked himself into a frenzy on Monday night, ranting that the "so-called independent media" are just too soft on all the "racist" elements within the Republican Party. Talking to his fellow liberals David Corn and Ed Rendell, the Hardball host balked, "I look at the free ride the media has been giving the Republican Party."*

      Some observers might ask, when all you see is racism and nothing else, perhaps this man might have a bit of a 'drinking problem,' which has gone too far.  Although, working for a cable access network, there should be no puzzlement why Matthews might have an alleged drinking problem, however glancing around the room at MSNBC, it is probably more of a 'thinking problem.' 

     They all think alike at MSNBC--anyone disagreeing with Barack Obama, is obviously a racist!  Unfortunately few, if any of these self-proclaimed protagonist for the black community could differentiate between Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemimah or Carl Rove.

     Most, if not a majority of these hypocrites, live as far away from black communities as they can commute.  Matthews reportedly goes home to his almost  lilly white gated community of Chevy Chase Village,** Maryland whose racial demographic has less then 1/2 of 1 percent black. 

     Geez Chris, could one of these dumps be where you call it 'home sweet home?'

     But Chris would not let facts get in the way of telling  his audience that he lives in Washington DC and has for 40 years.  Assumption being that he lives amongst his 'bros in the hood!     

You and your fellow race-baiters at MSNBC obviously have an identity problem and should seek psychological attention.  If you, and your so-called cable access network, offer viewers anything, it certainly is a daily 
good laugh!
** Chevy Chase Village, Maryland With one-fifth of its 2,000 residents at or past retirement age, one-square-mile Chevy Chase Village is a haven for the elderly affluent. Situated just north of Washington, D.C., the town has an average home price of $1.3 million and median household income of $250,000—among the richest on this list. The rich cultural amenities of the nation’s capital are just   a few minutes away by car, cab or subway. -- http://www.forbes.com/pictures/fhkl45gfhj/chevy-chase-village-maryland/

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