Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If Bill Cosby is a 'guilty as charged rapist' by Liberal hard-liner Whoopi Goldberg, why should alleged 'rapist Bill Clinton' remain untouched?

     Whoopi Goldberg has been one of Comedian Bill Cosby's most ardent supporters against women charging him with rape.  Now we learn, she has had a change of heart and is even suggesting 'he appears guilty of the crimes.'


     Okay Whoopi, if you are going to have a so-called change of heart in your support of Bill Cosby, why not go all the way, and substitute Bill Cosby's name, with another famous alleged rapist.....BILL CLINTON.

(Women appearing in this undated photo, not connected to alleged sexual abuse charges contained in this article) 
Bill Clinton Is an Alleged Rapist, Too. 
Why Aren't You Outraged 
about his alleged crimes, Whoopi? 
      In a 2014 article appearing at the Blaze website, writer Matt Walsh asks, "So if we are dredging up rape accusations against (a) formerly famous old man, why not talk about the ones surrounding a former president who still wields considerable influence and who might, God help us, end up in the White House again in two years?" *

       Walsh also questions, "Why are we so particular and choosy about the rape stories we care about, and the ones we scoff at, and dismiss?" 

      Perhaps a more accurate question might be,

 "Why are we LIBERALS so particular and choosy about the rape stories we THEY care about, and the ones we THEY scoff at, and dismiss?" 

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