Tuesday, May 17, 2016

'Homeland' Terrorism.....Hope you have an enjoyable trip.

     THIS is one of those off-limit topics, only discussed in alleyways and quiet places.  God knows you don't want to be tagged by the Federal Gestapo, which somehow has infiltrated, what formerly was lovingly known as,  the United States of America.

     Okay, so I'm old; thinking perhaps I've nearly run my life's full course--you know the life thing, and would not be subjected to seeing the most freedom loving country on this planet cut off at its knees by a usurping, dictatorial sub-human life form.  At one time I would have automatically seen the game spinner stop with its pointer solidly identifying these UN-American creeps as members of the, wait for it, former Democratic Party.  But in this case, they get a pass, of sorts.  Primarily because this crime-infested organization known as Department of Homeland Security, got its first breath of life from George W. Bush.

     It was in those frantic times when we just assumed everybody was out to kill us following 9-11.  The dust had not even settled and already, this stealthy, almost cloak- and-dagger-like organization seemed to be in ready-to-go status.  Almost as if it was already organized, so to speak.  No snarky conspiracy comments necessary folks, just cold hard facts. (Comparable to The affordable care act 'Obamacare').

     I've been making my way around this Planet long enough to remember the days when I would board an aircraft--you remember don't you, when going to the local airport and getting on a plane, was actually a 'good experience.'  Your long anticipated getaway completed by climbing those aircraft steps, finding a seat next to a smiling cheerful fellow passenger, regardless of the god awful early hour.  In fact, back in the 60s when 'sky-jacking' simply meant an unscheduled trip to that resort 'community,' known as Cuba, and the experience found its way into many family living room conversations following a festive holiday meal.

     It was about that time when the airlines and airports (not the government) got together and decided to install the simplest form of security monitoring, (more like window dressing, and yet, much like today's charade) to weed out anyone who might consider taking along their shiny new Colt 45 or perhaps a bag of fireworks for the family's 4th of July celebration.  Those security guys (because, most of them were actually male--you know, the days before men lost their genitalia at the footsteps of our beloved U-S Supreme Court), well anyway, they were always pleasant--in most cases you probably even knew them because they were fellow members of your community.  In those days, a slap on the back by a security person was probably offering a gesture of 'good to see you Joe, hope you have a good time with the family in Whereverville.'  Unlike today's experience of some Neanderthal creature tugging and jabbing at your private areas.  And of course, no one is off limits.  It would have been ungentlemanly to put your hands on a woman, but then again, that is probably why they only had one female security officer assigned somewhere in the airport building, on call, if they might be required to, dare I say it, question a 'lady passenger' if, in the unlikely event,  she might be suspected of carrying some high explosives, tucked away neatly and securely in the folds of her knitting bag.

     Well, all those memorable traveling experiences were thrown out the door following 9-11.  Today's trip to the airport almost makes anticipation of a dentist office visit for a root canal procedure, more pleasurable.  

     If somehow, following that terrible date of 9-11 the (friendly sounding) Department of Homeland Security was magically waiting there for us, somewhat like your faithful Cocker spaniel waiting with the morning paper as you opened the door on a bright sunshiny day, cup of java in hand, just think how surprised we were to have our friendly local security force at the airport, overnight suddenly and mysteriously  replaced by remnants of what many say, resembles Hitler's elite strong-arm Schutzstaffel goons.

It did not 'just happen.'
Think of it as.....

Sorta like being a 'lab rat,' but without
inalienable rights.

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