Sunday, May 8, 2016

United States House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan (Republican) says he is “not ready” to endorse the Republican party's presumptive nominee, Donald Trump for President.

     Despite earlier claims he would support his party’s nominee, Speaker Ryan seems to be backing away from that assertion, now that it is all but certain Donald Trump will indeed represent the Republican Party in November's 2016 Presidential election.

     Trump almost immediately fired back, he is “not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda.”Obviously referring to Congress caving to most Democrat demands under, what Trump and his supporters view as,  Ryan's lame leadership.  

     Trumps massive army of supporters, sometimes dubbed 'Trumpeteers,' have cried foul, throwing a yellow flag,  and labeling Ryan as a 'WIENER.'

You Tube:  A Cappella Trudbol 

      Speaking of Wieners....did you know, Paul Ryan's aunt worked for the Oscar Mayer company, and assisted a younger Ryan to get an internship there. The youngster, who would advance to becoming third-in-line to the Presidency of the United States, says he "got to drive the 'Wienermobile' once for a promotional event from one Cub Foods store to another."

     Considering Ryan's current opinion of his Party's Presidential nominee (like him or not), many angry 'Trumpeteers' are prepared to kick his buns.  
Hopefully, Speaker Ryan has been keeping his 'Wienermobile' driver's license current.  It may come in handy, depending upon the outcome of his future Congressional re-election.

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