Sunday, May 1, 2016

Is Bobby Knight prepared for 'media backlash' resulting from his endorsement of Trump for President?

     Calling him "the most prepared man in history to step in as President of the United States," legendary Indiana Hoosier basketball coach Bobby Knight, endorsed Donald Trump in his drive to capture the Republican nomination for this nation's highest office.

Referring to Donald Trump, Knight declared,
"That Son of a Bitch Could Play For Me"

     Knight defended the GOP front-runner stating, "they talk in a negative way when they want to about Donald, and say he isn't presidential.  I don't know what the hell that means.  To me I think of Harry Truman--they said Harry Truman wasn't presidential...and damn, he went on to be on of the three best presidents in U-S history."

     A bit of advice for Coach Knight
(And for God's sake Bobby, do not trust anyone 
identifying as American media....NO ONE)! 


     Most recently, we are unaware of anyone going to bat for baseball great Curt Schilling (Conservative), when the politically correct puppet sports arm of Disney Company--ESPN canned him for making personal comments (off the air) about his disgust over  recent outrageous policy to open the restroom doors of Ladies Rooms to 'Transgenders,' or in the case of Target Stores, anyone claiming to 'identify as a woman.' (Over one million irate American citizens have signed an online petition vowing to never do business with Target again, or until 'management' comes to their senses and reverses this ridiculous decision).  See and sign petition here:

     Probably the most blatant example of Liberal sports media 'prosecution' without trial in recent years, involved the take-down of another Legendary college coach--the late, Penn State University's Joe Paterno. (Conservative)

      Meanwhile, Leftist media's sweetheart, and Democrat 'Cult' candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, reportedly is under Federal Investigation for her questionable illegal 'handling of classified material and the preservation of government records,' while allegedly wheeling and dealing, disguised as an official government official--Secretary of State.

     And where do we look for the media when it comes to reporting Hillary's suspected transgressions?  Right where you'd expect any loyal lefty journalist to be when one of it's false gods trips up at the one yard line.


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