Thursday, August 4, 2016

Obama's latest tirade claiming Trump is unfit to serve as President of the United States appeared to be rehearsed in advance. Why?

     It wasn't too long ago when Barack Obama decided to tear into Donald Trump. Obama has been known to, not leave home without his trusty teleprompter strapped to his back.  And when using his trusty friend's services, he indeed is a good reader.  Emphasis on the word  reader. 
     Despite eight years of being told by Obama's supporters and media (which is one  and the same) many Americans believe Obama's credentials supporting his so-called brilliance is nothing more than man-made fabrication, and an indication his life itself has been graded from day one on a curve.  He has had every opportunity to disprove his critics by simply providing his personal records, but for some unknown reasons, he (or those who control him) prefer to keep all information private.  And when questioned about their motivation, they simply reply 'it is nothing unusual, and point to other public officials who have also chosen this policy.'  Many observers, this writer included are quick to note;  If the man is intellectually superior to all other common 'folks,' wouldn't he be at the head of the line declaring his god-like characteristics.  

     Take away all the props, stage hands, Hollywood glitz, and most people will agree, this man is simply an 'A-student-reader.'  Anytime he goes off message, reading other brilliant people's words, and chooses to speak his own thoughts, the man is an embarrassment.  Take his play-thing away, and the 'master orator' is transformed into a stumbling, bumbling court jester.

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     Now, fast forward to this most recent response, which was perhaps a planted question from a reporter,  regarding Trump's criticism of a speaker at the Democrat's just completed convention.  All of a sudden, marbles-mouthed Obama becomes Winston Churchill on steroids.

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     Sounds totally rehearsed to this writer.  What do you think?  We are sticking with Door Number One.

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