Friday, August 5, 2016

What if you threw a big political pep rally for your Presidential candidate, and the smallest 'room' in town you could choose, was empty?

     Maybe not empty, but for Hillary Rodham Clinton this has been a pesky problem, not only during this lackluster Presidential run, but throughout her political career.  She's simply not appealing. Okay, so we are trying to be nice....MOST AMERICAN COMMONERS DO NOT LIKE HILLARY CLINTON.  Incidentally, for those of you unfamiliar with who this Hillary Rodham person is, she is the wife of a former, and impeached US President, William Jefferson Clinton.   There are also those who believe, 'Hillary' is a household word today, ONLY because of its attachment to the coattails of This Guy.

      Hillary's trek across Amerika during the primaries appeared to have pre-arranged campaign stops specifically chosen because of their small town flavor. Or, maybe this is the impression her handlers wanted  Americans to believe.  You either stood on an orange crate to deliver your message to a handful of (un)-interested possible voters, or rented out the 'biggest-room-in-town' for delivery of your speech to a capacity crowd.  Of course, what the national media failed to mention; capacity might have been limited to a few hundred (unenthusiastic, and planted) participants.

     The latest of these staged events took place the other day in Omaha, Nebraska.  And as the headline at Gateway Pundit clearly reported;  HILLARY CLINTON LOADS UP OMAHA RALLY WITH HIGH SCHOOL KIDS -- STILL CAN'T FILL IT UP!

     Mrs. Bill Clinton, and her controllers were well aware of the candidate's (un)appeal-ability  to blue collar America (the life-blood of any national political election).  During the primary campaign engagements (which must have been painful for those propping up this megalomaniac-wannabe) it was common for her only kosher challenger Bernie Sanders, to pack the house with thousands of screaming supporters, only to witness a spattering of paid-for stooges howling support for someone forced upon them, who some, probably considered more appalling than her challenger on the other side.

       A very good example of Hillary Mrs. Bill Clinton's drawing power was quite obvious in places like Northeastern Pennsylvania, historically a Democrat stronghold.  Just days before that State's (Commonwealth's) primary elections.  Republican candidate, Donald Trump played to an audience of 10,000 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes Barre, with estimates of over 6,000 outside the venue denied access because of capacity limitations.


 Meanwhile, 21 miles up the interstate in Scranton (Dunmore),

     Mrs. Bill Clinton jumped on an orange crate and delivered her worn out words to a few hundred loyalists, 'packed' into (where else) a high school gym.  Fortunately, there was adequate space available for the JV Pom-Pom girls.

       Similar to one of her political cronies, Joe Biden, Hillary never missed an opportunity to remind Northeastern Pennsylvanians of her direct link to Scranton, and that region's surrounding neck of the woods.  

     Hillary's father Hugh was born in Scranton.  Hillary and her two brothers were returned to the area for a traditional baptismal service, performed at a local Scranton church.  She often bragged about the many Summers, she accompanied her family to soak up the sun at the family's shore side cottage at Lake Winola (which her father and grandfather reportedly built).

     So, one would only assume that this local girl, certainly would require a venue, no lesser in size than the AAA baseball stadium.                                                                                                      
      Truth be told, and reality be faced, Mrs. Clinton has problems placing bodies in a space normally accustomed to hosting biddy basketball games.


     So, for the remainder of this Presidential campaign, every time you see a website, or newspaper headlines boasting the loving crowds packed into Mrs. Bill Clinton's pep rallies, you might want to check back in with our report for a reminder....A MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, SIMPLY DO NOT LIKE YOU HILLARY.  Of course, with the exception of these people.

      They will do everything in their power to drag you across the finish line.  And, it should not be necessary to remind observant Americans that during most elections, and especially during a Presidential contest of this magnitude, there are probably millions of dead voters, dying to cast their ballot for a Democrat....Mrs. Bill Clinton.

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