Monday, September 26, 2016

Everyone should have a reason to watch this political 'sideshow' debate (even those on life-support)

     Very few people tuning in to tonight's Presidential candidate's debate will be influenced by what they hear coming from Trump or Mrs. Bill Clinton.

     Everyone anticipates Trump to drop at least one verbal bomb.  There is probably no end to the number of viewers who are simply waiting for Trump to say something ridiculous.  Even his most loyal supporters are expecting him to blurt out some offensive remark, which will dominate Liberal newscasts, probably until the next debate (if that event comes to fruition).  Lets be honest....he can't control the verbal diarrhea.  It is simply a part of his DNA.

     And what about 'Hillary?'  Will she have a coughing attack?  Will she stiffen up; lock gears and require a quick 'lube job?'  If she walks across that stage tonight, falling flat on her face, her mainstream media pals will report the incident as a clever strategical move aimed at (insert focus group here) alerting them to the dangers of (insert hazard description here).

     Fortunately you will not have to anticipate which medical malady might materialize when cameras are focused on Mrs. Bill Clinton.  Doctor Ted Noel is back to tell you what to look for in those solo close-up shots of 'Hillary.'
youtube: Webtech Vidzette 

And to make this event fun for the entire family, here's your personal checklist designed to keep even the most fidgety tykes on board.

(You'll definitely see a difference in your ADHD diagnosed kids).

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