Monday, September 12, 2016

If your are a former backer of Trump, and now support Hillary, should you not now be thrown into HER 'BASKET OF DEPLORABLES'

     If today you are supporting Donald Trump in his drive to claim temporary ownership of a house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next  four years,

but suddenly, tomorrow you have some sort of divine epiphany, aligning yourself with Hillary Rodham Clinton, will you then receive total absolution from 'Mother Hillary' accepting you into the fold of her cult?

     And if you are already an anointed one, perhaps even one of the few who have had an opportunity to (dare we say) touch her sacred robe, will you now be cleansed of that evil sin known as freedom of choice?

     According to Hillary, she describes her opponent as 'personally offensive.' Speaking horribly about different groups of people,  and referring to our military as a "disaster."  Incidentally, she knows perfectly well, when Trump refers to our military as a "disaster," he,  obviously is not describing the honor and heroics of the brave men and women who make personal sacrifices by serving this great nation, but rather his criticisms are aimed directly at the Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, and high ranking officials such as herself, who worked unashamedly throughout the years of this Administration to weaken our military might around the world.

     Referencing these comments from Trump, Mrs. Clinton mused that following each gaff, everyone figured "well, this is it for him," however he survives yet another blunder, much to her dismay which undoubtedly should have ended his political ambitions.  To this FREAK, Hillary Clinton, we Americans who have been watching and tolerating you and your ultra-freakish husband for the past 40 years, we are the people who have been insulted EVERY TIME you both received a pass, regardless of the outright blatancy of your many indiscretions and antisocial behavior.

     You attack Donald Trump for his crass comments leveled against individuals and groups of citizens, but at the same time, when speaking to like-minded freaks in your audience--the ones who have been lining your pockets for the past 40 years--you attact a vast majority of American citizens and call them the most disgusting of names.  You madam...YOU are the Freak among us!

Lifted from a youtube video here:  YouHotNews

     And on, and on, and on....right!  Remember, this FREAK is speaking before an audience of like-minded FREAKS.  Those who support the murdering of unborn babies.  Those who say forcing your children to change their values, their morals, all in the name of not offending the deviants they are now forced to accept as normal.   Those who are comfortable with demoralizing the mightiest military in the World,  ordering them to risk their lives,  forcing them to serve under the command of unqualified individuals.  And why, because we want to be politically correct--whatever the hell that even means anymore.

     Your type, Hillary--the Freaks such as yourself, your husband, and everyone who shamelessly attaches themselves to the political party of destruction.  Those you have brain washed for the past few decades.  Our children cannot receive a diploma in your world, unless 'Democratic Inductee' is stamped alongside certification of completion.  Women believe, they are being advanced, by a party whose President threw women's rights pioneers in jail for daring to challenge Democrat policy.  African Americans who have been carrying around their heavy chains for decades, believing your political party is their only true savior, but if they only woke up and listened to those who try to warn them, their pseudo-saviors are in fact, the devils who gave birth to the KKK.

    Yes Hillary....You, and your type...the like-minded freaks who support you.  You gleefully label Trump's followers as "The Deplorables."  Coming from you, they unquestionably wear your description  of them as a badge of honor.

     How will the misfits who support you accept 
their new moniker?


Leaving the Democrat party behind 
has to be a tough choice....
Obviously, it has to be hard to go
away from the party of empty promises.

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