Wednesday, September 7, 2016

No Presidential candidate flying fortress is complete without a 'state of the art' emergency room

Hillary Rodham's campaign 
proudly rolled out their candidate's
shiny new 'flying machine.'

     Considering all the recent buzz about Hillary's alleged health issues, and numerous coughing attacks, is it a stretch to assume her campaign aircraft would be equipped with state-of-the-art life-support emergency care technology?  

     It's hard to imagine the antics taking place at 39,000 feet, when you get a plane stuffed with throw-back-to-the-60s wannabe Lefty hippy staff and reporters, otherwise known as the Hillary Campaign team.

     We're guessing, but probably correct in assuming, there is a  lot of Kumbayaing and outstretched arm swaying going on at that love-fest.
youtube:   Tasman Ross

     Meanwhile, back on the ground, word around the web is that an ambulance is now included in Hillary's motorcades.  Might only be standard Secret Service procedure, but its inclusion in a Hillary motorcade, considering these most recent coughing attacks,  stands out like a sore thumb.*


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