Thursday, August 13, 2009

AARP and a Quack Congressman. -Same-0h, Same-Oh!

Never realized how much fun it could possibly be to create and write a personal blog.

It has to be compared to an infant in its first months of life. Seeing new things through new eyes...not really knowing yet what you are seeing, but with proper care and guidance, being assured everything will eventually make sense.

Several news stories heard this morning on the TV 'chatter shows', screamed for attention and begged to be repeated. Here are two:

1. AARP (American Association for Retire Persons), after stating two days ago they were misquoted by President Barack Obama when he told an audience in New Hampshire, "how could everyone not be in agreement with his Health Insurance Reform initiatives, when organizations such as AARP were solidly behind it." (Of course I'm paraphrasing here, but I assume personal liberties with my descriptions, because if the President of the United States can be allowed to morph the name of this legislation in the middle of debate, only because labeling it as 'Health Care Reform' proved to be unpopular with a majority of Americans, lets just call it Health "Insurance" Reform). Lets be honest, everybody hates insurance companies!

This morning, AARP began airing a television commercial which does a 360 and now admits they are squarely behind this Health Insurance Reform. Perhaps its support coincides with the President's new description of the legislation. Because when it was health care reform, they were not solidly behind it, but when it evolved into an insurance issue--something in which they themselves, as a special interest group, have a huge financial stake...'yeah, we're for it!' Amusingly, AARP's propaganda spot condemns those nasty special interest groups which are working day and night to stand in the way of this legislation and ultimately destroy it. Do I detect a pot calling the kettle black!

2. The other item grabbing my attention was a little blub about a Congressman in Texas who is talking about requiring attendees of his town hall meetings to present a drivers license identification for admittance, in order to, as he says, 'bring better order to the session.' And also to present this identification as proof you are indeed, one of his constituents.

The irony of this story is this, the Congressman is one of those, sponsoring legislation which would allow 'people to vote, without presenting a photo ID.' It would seem, to this official, it is perfectly okay for anyone to vote, regardless of age, criminal status, or citizenship. But, in order to speak to HIM, you'd better damn well make sure you can prove who you are. God forbid you might be some pesky old Republican agitator!

This so-called 'representative' is, in my opinion, a very good example of why every American, with special emphasis on the word American, should be attending these meetings and questioning the true reasoning behind this pseudo- legislation. Wake up America!

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