Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time to play the Nazi card again!

No surprise here. Last week our beloved Speaker of the House of Representative of the United States of America, returned to days of yesteryear in order to once again play the Nazi card.

The Democrats are famous for using this tactic when they want to stir excitement amongst their loony left fringe. According to Nancy (I've written so frequently about this woman lately, seems only right we should be on a first name basis) radical right activists were showing up at Town Hall meetings 'carrying swastikas' and were only there to disrupt these meetings. Thanks for getting the ball rolling Nanc!

The latest loon from her exclusive club on the hill, now claims some demented right-winger spray painted a swastika on a sign outside his office. Don't you think its time to call a spade a spade and get to the bottom of all this name calling and ugly labeling of honest Americans who are tired of being lied to by a gang of has-been rogues who should have been banished to retirement decades ago. Unfortunately no surveillance cameras were placed outside the legislators office, canceling out an opportunity for us to catch a glimpse of this white hooded hooligan! Of course, I'm surmising no video is available...perhaps the Congressman or some of his 'people' recognized the perpetrator as one of their own, and decided to use the artistic offering to accuse an innocent member of the opposition!

The last time Democrats whipped out the 'N-word' was when George Bush was still annoying them with his presence. Returning to my blog archives, this is what I wrote at that time. September 16, 2006:

Titled: Want to be a Nazi--lately everyone else seems to be one!

"Must be in vogue to be a Nazi today, considering those who have received this label in recent times.

Of course, Bush is our 'favorite Nazi'...but just today Pope Benedict became the latest to have this moniker draped across him by some Turkish dribbling goof! Was reading a Swedish newspaper tonight and there was an entire political party being branded with this distinction of being Nazis.

Used to be a time if you wanted to get a reaction to absurdities of a conversation, one might inject the 'F- word', but because of its overuse, few people even offer a blink of an eye when this obscenity is uttered.

Hitler would probably turn over in his grave if he knew how these 'fu*kers were tossing around his beloved 'Nazi" nomenclature with such frivolous disrespect!

In American politics, nothing really changes--take the script, make a few edits, adjust the date and a few margin notes with names of those you want to destroy today. Unfortunately for Nancy and her crowd, they have managed to piss off even some of their own supporters by calling them names, such as Nazis.

Hopefully voters will remember this next year when they go to the polls and elect representatives to office who will return this country to a system of checks and balances, and not one party rule as it is today.

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