Monday, August 24, 2009

Who is calling shots in Washinton

This headline in the Washington Post today lends credence to one of my previous blog comments about who is in charge of the 'shadow government' in our nations capital:

"Holder to Appoint Prosecutor to Investigate CIA Terror Interrogations"


You're not familiar with this creep folks? You'd better get used to hearing his name. Just about everything considered sinister connected with the current administration can be linked to this pathetic excuse for a human being. Well, he is a billionaire you know...and like so many of the others in his private little club, what Georgie wants, Georgie gets!

If you'd like to know more about this despicable man, as they say these days..."Google it." I'm tired of wasting my time and energies on trying to explain to a corralled herd of sheep, previously known as Americans, how this country is being raped and pillaged by these 'wolves!'

Wake up America, because one of these days you won't awake to see the America you once knew as a proud and noble country. The Attorney General of the United States of America is a simpleton stooge and merely acting in behalf of George Soros. Soros has been pitching for this investigation from the get go, and Attorney General Holder making the announcement today regarding this witch hunt, is merely pay back time from Barack Obama.

GEORGE SOROS--get used to hearing that name folks, cause it will be the 'headliner' of many news reports to come in the not to distant future!

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