Sunday, August 30, 2009

A new and sanitized Democratic Party

"This is not your Grand father's Democratic Party." Americans of that era unknowingly were witnessing the end of a political establishment based on principles of representing the 'ordinary, common man.' And for decades they extolled virtues committed to that end, producing several larger-than-life icons which today's diluted breed of politicians, holding power in Washington, loves to mention every time they bring forth some new pseudo legislation with a guarantee of lifting up the lowly masses to a status of ever elusive equality.

Saddest about this entire scenario, was displayed during the last Presidential election, when so many dedicated true Americans thought they were contributing to a good and decent cause by sticking to their Grand father's oath of allegiance to the Democratic Party. Little did they know, and some will not now even admit, the party was in its final stages of being hi-jacked by a meticulously organized cult of nefarious conspirators. These charges are not too difficult to see if you simply open your eyes. Hear words which are actually being spoken--not always on the surface, but go slightly between the lines. The truth is there, if you will only take time to admit, the people you see representing voters corralled with a 'D' on their registration, have shed sheep's clothing and without shame, are now showing their true image.

Top ranking Democrats, both in the President's inner circle and key members of Congress, who flaunt in our faces when they 'somehow over looked' payment of obvious taxes, but only when they have been exposed. Their punishment? They make payment, and all is forgiven. Highly unlikely this would have a similar outcome for a citizen taxpayer making a 'slight error' on his tax return. They make land deals, financial manipulations, back room pharmaceutical posturing and a never ending list of favoritism, by selling their support for legislation which will stuff their current over flowing coffers with a tidy nest egg for the day if, they somehow are voted out of office.

People like Nancy Pelosi, current Speaker of the House of Representative of the United States of America, has the audacity to insult Americans--true Americans--by labeling them as disrupters and Nazi-like when they simply attempt to voice their disagreement with important legislation. Decisions which will affect their lives and those of their families for generations yet to be named. Pelosi superciliously calls the grass roots movement of American citizens, nothing more than 'Astro turf!' Unfortunately Madame Speaker, these little people gladly wrap themselves in the privilege of wearing that nomenclature. Unlike you, living in the posh San Francisco Heights section of your radical and unravelled city, they clean up after pets soiling their astro turf. We all don't have access to Pearl Carpets of Barodo to use as a cleaning zone for wiping pet feces before entering a palace, such as yours.

But fortunately for those of us watching from the sidelines, the Pelosi, Reed, Rangle, Murtha, Dodd, (insert other 'con-dem' names here) characters are in the final act of this charade. Because of their blatant display and total disdain for the American people, the up-coming elections will see the wrath of those whose respect you so scornfully abused. A beautiful flower garden does not flourish and continue to grow without vigilant weeding. Clothing cannot continue to be worn without regular washing. The same rules must be followed for maintaining honest and law abiding political parties. Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Greens, etc. All these named, and those still in a process of formulation, included!

In 2009 we are concerned with those who currently rule the roost. Perhaps in the next decade it will be another major party which becomes afflicted with a cancerous growth, which we are witnessing today in the Democratic Party. In the event of us allowing something this unfortunate to happen once again, another generation will bear responsibility for cleansing the political process and upholding the covenants of our Declaration of Independence. For now, all we can do is make a pledge to guarantee future generations an opportunity to continue their rights and liberties as set forth in our sacred Constitution.

A new, sanitized Democratic Party will assure them, at the very least, a link with your Grandfather's America!

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