Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hans Christian Anderson would approve

South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson today is being criticized for his outburst last night by loudly shouting, "You Lie," referring to a comment just delivered by President Barack Obama.

Gasps of disbelief were heard echoing through those hallowed halls of the House of Representative's chamber. Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, pompously perched behind the President, looked at one another with disbelief--outraged that one of the little people in the minority party, representing even littler people in their silly little podunk districts, would have the audacity to display such disrespect!

Biden and Pelosi presented themselves throughout the President's presentation as two college coeds giving one another wedgies during a freshmen pep rally. The only chore more difficult for Pelosi, listening intently for her 'jack in the box' cue lines, was stretching her neck to get a better view of Hillary Clinton--who obviously didn't get instructions to not duplicate Madame Speaker's outfit. Either Clinton wasn't provided seating, or her task was to out due Pelosi in a standing position. Probably more likely for Hillary's perpetual upright position was solely to get noticed in her bright orange jump suit--after all, being banished by Obama to Kenya for the better part of the past month, who could fault this woman's panhandling for attention.

So when Joe Wilson shouted 'you lie,' to the most powerful man on the face of this planet,' it was amusingly comparable to that little boy in Hans Christian Anderson's nursery rhyme, when he pointed out to the masses, 'he's not wearing any clothes!'

An after thought to this amusing tale--Liberals should learn to lighten up. I mean, after all, it could have been much worse. Just think if someone had hurled a shoe at the President. Ooooh my Goddddd! Think how horrible that would have been....oh, but then, who would ever think of something so silly to do to a President of the United States! ........whats that? Someone did wire a shoe at a President of the Unites States!!!! (hmmmmm, disbelief)! Just goes to show what happens, when the shoe is on the other foot!

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