Monday, September 14, 2009

NBC, ABC and CBS Network News--heading to a landfill near you soon!

Three years ago, on another of my earlier blogs, a bold prediction forecast 'the end of an American institution; network newscasts!'

This past weekend, we witnessed one of the largest demonstrations in our United States capitol city of Washington, D.C. With the exception of FOX News, and some European news outlets, this massive display was all but ignored by a majority of the U-S media.

News reporting in this country for the past few decades has continued to descend into an echo-less sound chamber, to the extent that Liberal left influence has all but sealed my earlier prediction, and allowed them to write their own obituary.

This is a reprint of that blog entry, published August 14, 2006, entitled:

Katie Couric--Final news anchor for CBS!

Interesting to read all the hype regarding Katie Couric's upcoming take-over of the anchor desk at CBS. Her duties there will have one newsworthy distinction, if for no other reason, because she will be the final news anchor at CBS.

It has long been my belief that network news presentations by the 'three major networks'...CBS, NBC and ABC..., are relics and should have been relegated a special place in the Smithsonian Institute, located in our nation's capitol, Washington, D.C.

Ever since the advent of cable news networks and more recently (and more reliable, I might add) Internet news sources and even professionally produced blogs, the big three news rooms should have had resuscitators installed as necessary newsroom equipment, right next to other dinosaurs located there, such as news wire service from AP, UPI and Reuters!

Very few people actually sit down before their televisions anymore and 'click' on the 6:30 network news shows. The days of Huntley & Brinkley, Walter Cronkite and other pioneers of this industry, are over, dead, never to be heard from again. Americans are too eager to get their information from more intellectually stimulating news sources, such as MTV news and The Daily Show. It really is pathetic--the 'dumbing down' of our American Society.

And now, along comes CBS with their latest darling, Katie Couric. She has been traveling the nation looking for input from, what she describes as, ' a news hungry public.' Please Katie, we know you are only trying to justify the millions these morons dealt out to you over there at CBS, but at least spare us your unsolicited observations. Besides, the last place they will be looking for credible news would be at CBS.

Lets face it, when a 'major news network,' like CBS hires a little lap-puppy such as Katie Couric and banks their future on this lightweight to pull them from the depths of a black hole, it is time for them and the others--ABC and NBC--to realize their services are no longer necessary.

Before the decade ends, all three will be filling that big money making slot with an extended half hour of Wheel of Fortune or some other brain swelling offering. Seems to me, by that time, Sirus Satellite Radio will be begging for someone to pick up Howard Sterns contract. Why should that idea be so absurd; after all, there was speculation in 'the early days' that CBS news was considering to fill the anchor position with The Daily Show's John Stewart.

Usually there are winners and losers in every cause and this instance is no different. Losers are the viewers of these news 'shows,' which have over-stayed their usefulness. Winners are--well there is only one winner here and that is Couric with her big money contract.

And so, the clock is ticking--just have to wait until December 31, 2010 to say "I told you so!"

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