Friday, September 11, 2009

Who are our real enemies

When Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and the Obama Administration Justice Department spearheaded a drive to denegrade and dismantle our primier security agency in this country, members of the CIA might be more tempted today, to look the other way, rather than remaining focused and diligent when investigating enemies of this country.

While most attention remains riveted to terror attacts on America coming from a militant Islamic source, few people seem to take seriously what could be our biggest threat incubating in a country to the South.

Probably no bigger threat exists, than from Hugo Chavez. This piglet of power in Venezuela would be suspected to have an itchier trigger finger than any other dictator in this part of the world, when calibrating weapon scopes in a direction of the United States.

So when wittnessing a virtual 'love fest' between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Chavez, it should make those committed to keeping our country safe, a bit uneasy. Especially when Putin pledges arms supplies and loans in exchange for a Chavez blessing of Russian aggression in Georgia. Somehow the love child of this relationship makes absolutely no sense.

Perhaps of more immediate importance is a relationship these two countries share as major oil suppliers in the world market. Venezuela being a member of OPEC and Russia, rated as number 2 oil exporter in the world. Coupled with a recent clandestine-type meeting between Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Russia's love affair with Iran, arch enemy of Israel, the U-S concern level should at least be slightly elevated.

If a day should come when a nuclear device arrives on our shores, you can be sure it will have finger prints of Chavez smeared all over it. Also, more than likely, only time in history of finger print analysis where results will have an identical match, with one suspect in Venezuela and a fraternal twin in Russa.

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