Sunday, August 30, 2009

A new and sanitized Democratic Party

"This is not your Grand father's Democratic Party." Americans of that era unknowingly were witnessing the end of a political establishment based on principles of representing the 'ordinary, common man.' And for decades they extolled virtues committed to that end, producing several larger-than-life icons which today's diluted breed of politicians, holding power in Washington, loves to mention every time they bring forth some new pseudo legislation with a guarantee of lifting up the lowly masses to a status of ever elusive equality.

Saddest about this entire scenario, was displayed during the last Presidential election, when so many dedicated true Americans thought they were contributing to a good and decent cause by sticking to their Grand father's oath of allegiance to the Democratic Party. Little did they know, and some will not now even admit, the party was in its final stages of being hi-jacked by a meticulously organized cult of nefarious conspirators. These charges are not too difficult to see if you simply open your eyes. Hear words which are actually being spoken--not always on the surface, but go slightly between the lines. The truth is there, if you will only take time to admit, the people you see representing voters corralled with a 'D' on their registration, have shed sheep's clothing and without shame, are now showing their true image.

Top ranking Democrats, both in the President's inner circle and key members of Congress, who flaunt in our faces when they 'somehow over looked' payment of obvious taxes, but only when they have been exposed. Their punishment? They make payment, and all is forgiven. Highly unlikely this would have a similar outcome for a citizen taxpayer making a 'slight error' on his tax return. They make land deals, financial manipulations, back room pharmaceutical posturing and a never ending list of favoritism, by selling their support for legislation which will stuff their current over flowing coffers with a tidy nest egg for the day if, they somehow are voted out of office.

People like Nancy Pelosi, current Speaker of the House of Representative of the United States of America, has the audacity to insult Americans--true Americans--by labeling them as disrupters and Nazi-like when they simply attempt to voice their disagreement with important legislation. Decisions which will affect their lives and those of their families for generations yet to be named. Pelosi superciliously calls the grass roots movement of American citizens, nothing more than 'Astro turf!' Unfortunately Madame Speaker, these little people gladly wrap themselves in the privilege of wearing that nomenclature. Unlike you, living in the posh San Francisco Heights section of your radical and unravelled city, they clean up after pets soiling their astro turf. We all don't have access to Pearl Carpets of Barodo to use as a cleaning zone for wiping pet feces before entering a palace, such as yours.

But fortunately for those of us watching from the sidelines, the Pelosi, Reed, Rangle, Murtha, Dodd, (insert other 'con-dem' names here) characters are in the final act of this charade. Because of their blatant display and total disdain for the American people, the up-coming elections will see the wrath of those whose respect you so scornfully abused. A beautiful flower garden does not flourish and continue to grow without vigilant weeding. Clothing cannot continue to be worn without regular washing. The same rules must be followed for maintaining honest and law abiding political parties. Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Greens, etc. All these named, and those still in a process of formulation, included!

In 2009 we are concerned with those who currently rule the roost. Perhaps in the next decade it will be another major party which becomes afflicted with a cancerous growth, which we are witnessing today in the Democratic Party. In the event of us allowing something this unfortunate to happen once again, another generation will bear responsibility for cleansing the political process and upholding the covenants of our Declaration of Independence. For now, all we can do is make a pledge to guarantee future generations an opportunity to continue their rights and liberties as set forth in our sacred Constitution.

A new, sanitized Democratic Party will assure them, at the very least, a link with your Grandfather's America!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Woman throws thong at judge

Source: The Connexion, France

August 26, 2009

A WOMAN who threw her thong at a judge in court has been arrested and taken into police custody.

The woman, aged in her thirties, was sitting in the public gallery at Perpignan (France) magistrates court when she stood up and started shouting at the judge.

She yelled: "This is crap justice. What are you playing at? Are you having a laugh?"

She then pulled the knickers out of her bag and threw them across the room at the judge.

The woman was in custody yesterday evening at the Perpignan (France) police headquarters.

(Are we to assume the Judge, then 'threw the book at her?')

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

As you probably already have heard, Massachusetts senior Senator Edward M. Kennedy passed away Tuesday night at his home on Cape Cod. We regret his passing and our words of sympathy are extended to his grieving family.

Many of you following the current battle on Capitol hill over a major restructuring of our nations medical health program will know, Teddy Kennedy was a champion in his support for this legislation.

With all due respect to the memory of Mister Kennedy, one has to wonder if a 24 hour period will end following his passing, before one of his Democratic colleagues, perhaps the President himself, will remind the American public how important this health program was to the late Senator. In other words, 'lets win one for the Gipper!'

Some may frown on these comments being insensitive, so near the passing of the beloved Senator, however, in the words of President Barack Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

Cash for Cons

Now that the federally funded new car 'give-away' program has been declared such a huge success by the folks in Washington, they now give us 'Cash for Cons!'

That's right. According to recent reports, over 4,000 incarcerated hard working, serving time taxpayers (?), each have been rewarded with $250.00 stimulus checks.

The President did say he wanted this massive stimulus program to lend itself to 'shovel-ready programs,' but this offers a whole new dimension to its original true intent!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who said that?

One of President Barack Obama's biggest supporters made a few observations this past week, defending his champion against the 'wicked right' in America. If you attributed these comments to current New York governor David Paterson, you would have made an incorrect guess.

Read these brief comments, and then see who is one of our Commander in Chief's biggest fans:

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama is trying to make positive changes in the United States, but is being fought at every turn by right-wingers who hate him because he is black.

"Obama had inherited many problems from his predecessor, George W. Bush, and was trying to resolve them. But the 'powerful extreme right won't be happy with anything that diminishes their prerogatives in the slightest way."

"Obama does not want to change the U.S. political and economic system, but 'in spite of that, the extreme right hates him for being African-American and fights what the president does to improve the deteriorated image of that country."

"I don't have the slightest doubt that the racist right will do everything possible to wear him down, blocking his program to get him out of the game one way or another, at the least political cost."

Former Cuban (Dictator) President Fidel Castro

If I were President of the United States, I'd surely not want my stable of admirers being filled with the latest rogue-list being published daily by world news media.

"Think about it!"

Monday, August 24, 2009

Who is calling shots in Washinton

This headline in the Washington Post today lends credence to one of my previous blog comments about who is in charge of the 'shadow government' in our nations capital:

"Holder to Appoint Prosecutor to Investigate CIA Terror Interrogations"


You're not familiar with this creep folks? You'd better get used to hearing his name. Just about everything considered sinister connected with the current administration can be linked to this pathetic excuse for a human being. Well, he is a billionaire you know...and like so many of the others in his private little club, what Georgie wants, Georgie gets!

If you'd like to know more about this despicable man, as they say these days..."Google it." I'm tired of wasting my time and energies on trying to explain to a corralled herd of sheep, previously known as Americans, how this country is being raped and pillaged by these 'wolves!'

Wake up America, because one of these days you won't awake to see the America you once knew as a proud and noble country. The Attorney General of the United States of America is a simpleton stooge and merely acting in behalf of George Soros. Soros has been pitching for this investigation from the get go, and Attorney General Holder making the announcement today regarding this witch hunt, is merely pay back time from Barack Obama.

GEORGE SOROS--get used to hearing that name folks, cause it will be the 'headliner' of many news reports to come in the not to distant future!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pelosi's Megalomania Tour!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, in her own words, is a 'fan of disruptors.' Of couse that was then and this is now. The then was 'against' an issue, with ulterior motivation promoting her popularity, and the now is--who would have thought--'for' her own selfish interests and those of the ego-maniacal democratic party!

But don't let me distort the truth. Nancy is a pro at manipulation of what is true, and what is said to benefit herself and the party she must keep in power in order to continue on her magical megalomania tour!

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Pelosi, without shame, calls dissenters of another issue "Un-American."

This is where you are wrong Mrs. Pelosi--what we witnessed then, when you enveloped yourself in the American flag, because it was for a cause you endorsed....and what we are witnessing now, but contrary to your party's plight for additional power, are very much the same.

Americans have the right to demonstrate and have their voices heard, even when those voices are speaking words which are proving to be a form of respiratory embarrassment to you and your beloved democratic party.

Throughout our history, political parties have come and gone. The same holds true for politicians. Few citizens of this country remember the Whig party. We can only be so fortunate, as a freedom loving nation, that embarrassments such as you, will also fade into obscurity!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

AARP and a Quack Congressman. -Same-0h, Same-Oh!

Never realized how much fun it could possibly be to create and write a personal blog.

It has to be compared to an infant in its first months of life. Seeing new things through new eyes...not really knowing yet what you are seeing, but with proper care and guidance, being assured everything will eventually make sense.

Several news stories heard this morning on the TV 'chatter shows', screamed for attention and begged to be repeated. Here are two:

1. AARP (American Association for Retire Persons), after stating two days ago they were misquoted by President Barack Obama when he told an audience in New Hampshire, "how could everyone not be in agreement with his Health Insurance Reform initiatives, when organizations such as AARP were solidly behind it." (Of course I'm paraphrasing here, but I assume personal liberties with my descriptions, because if the President of the United States can be allowed to morph the name of this legislation in the middle of debate, only because labeling it as 'Health Care Reform' proved to be unpopular with a majority of Americans, lets just call it Health "Insurance" Reform). Lets be honest, everybody hates insurance companies!

This morning, AARP began airing a television commercial which does a 360 and now admits they are squarely behind this Health Insurance Reform. Perhaps its support coincides with the President's new description of the legislation. Because when it was health care reform, they were not solidly behind it, but when it evolved into an insurance issue--something in which they themselves, as a special interest group, have a huge financial stake...'yeah, we're for it!' Amusingly, AARP's propaganda spot condemns those nasty special interest groups which are working day and night to stand in the way of this legislation and ultimately destroy it. Do I detect a pot calling the kettle black!

2. The other item grabbing my attention was a little blub about a Congressman in Texas who is talking about requiring attendees of his town hall meetings to present a drivers license identification for admittance, in order to, as he says, 'bring better order to the session.' And also to present this identification as proof you are indeed, one of his constituents.

The irony of this story is this, the Congressman is one of those, sponsoring legislation which would allow 'people to vote, without presenting a photo ID.' It would seem, to this official, it is perfectly okay for anyone to vote, regardless of age, criminal status, or citizenship. But, in order to speak to HIM, you'd better damn well make sure you can prove who you are. God forbid you might be some pesky old Republican agitator!

This so-called 'representative' is, in my opinion, a very good example of why every American, with special emphasis on the word American, should be attending these meetings and questioning the true reasoning behind this pseudo- legislation. Wake up America!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Time to play the Nazi card again!

No surprise here. Last week our beloved Speaker of the House of Representative of the United States of America, returned to days of yesteryear in order to once again play the Nazi card.

The Democrats are famous for using this tactic when they want to stir excitement amongst their loony left fringe. According to Nancy (I've written so frequently about this woman lately, seems only right we should be on a first name basis) radical right activists were showing up at Town Hall meetings 'carrying swastikas' and were only there to disrupt these meetings. Thanks for getting the ball rolling Nanc!

The latest loon from her exclusive club on the hill, now claims some demented right-winger spray painted a swastika on a sign outside his office. Don't you think its time to call a spade a spade and get to the bottom of all this name calling and ugly labeling of honest Americans who are tired of being lied to by a gang of has-been rogues who should have been banished to retirement decades ago. Unfortunately no surveillance cameras were placed outside the legislators office, canceling out an opportunity for us to catch a glimpse of this white hooded hooligan! Of course, I'm surmising no video is available...perhaps the Congressman or some of his 'people' recognized the perpetrator as one of their own, and decided to use the artistic offering to accuse an innocent member of the opposition!

The last time Democrats whipped out the 'N-word' was when George Bush was still annoying them with his presence. Returning to my blog archives, this is what I wrote at that time. September 16, 2006:

Titled: Want to be a Nazi--lately everyone else seems to be one!

"Must be in vogue to be a Nazi today, considering those who have received this label in recent times.

Of course, Bush is our 'favorite Nazi'...but just today Pope Benedict became the latest to have this moniker draped across him by some Turkish dribbling goof! Was reading a Swedish newspaper tonight and there was an entire political party being branded with this distinction of being Nazis.

Used to be a time if you wanted to get a reaction to absurdities of a conversation, one might inject the 'F- word', but because of its overuse, few people even offer a blink of an eye when this obscenity is uttered.

Hitler would probably turn over in his grave if he knew how these 'fu*kers were tossing around his beloved 'Nazi" nomenclature with such frivolous disrespect!

In American politics, nothing really changes--take the script, make a few edits, adjust the date and a few margin notes with names of those you want to destroy today. Unfortunately for Nancy and her crowd, they have managed to piss off even some of their own supporters by calling them names, such as Nazis.

Hopefully voters will remember this next year when they go to the polls and elect representatives to office who will return this country to a system of checks and balances, and not one party rule as it is today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 AM, already?

Thank goodness Hillary Clinton is only Secretary of State and not representing the United States of America in some lofty position, such as an Ambassador of Kenya.

Call it a gaffe, mix-up, snafu, break down in translation (Where the hell is Joe Biden with all this resume building stuff going on)?

During a question and answer session with Madame Secretary (can you safely use that description, now that its been banished to an unflattering salutation by Senator Barbara Boxer) a query to her was misinterpreted from the questioner, who was curious what the President (Obama) thought about a certain topic. This is were the story sort of goes like that game we used to play as kids.

A simple story is told to kid #1 who is then instructed to relay details by whispering to kid #2 what was just furnished to him/her. Kid #3 passes along the story to #4 and so on until perhaps being repeated a dozen times and then kid #12 is to stand up and repeat out loud details of the story he was told. Of course we all know how that works. There is very little resemblance between the original story and what is being recited by kid #12. Something like what Barack Obama talked about when campaigning for the Presidency and what we are now witnessing as reality in Washington.

So Hillary hears this misinterpreted question as "What does your husband (who used to be President) think about this topic, rather than, what does the President (Obama, who obviously is not your husband) think about this topic." Naturally, this misinterpreted question did not set well with Mrs. Clinton (am I allowed to say that, because after all, Mrs. would link Hillary to Bill Clinton, who as we all know was a President of the United States, so she might be upset we are not recognizing her and showing appropriate respect for her position of importance, with suggestion, by way of using Mrs to identify her, that she is any less powerful). It probably isn't easy walking in the shadow of a very important man, er, ah, person. This is all becoming very complicated.

Bottom line is, Hillary was pissed! Did anyone check the time? Was it before 3 AM? You know, that moment in time Hillary previously made famous during her unsuccessful campaign for President....Hillary at that time asked her audiences, 'Will her then challenger, Barack Obama, be equipped with diplomatic experience qualifying him to react, yes, even at 3 in the morning'!

All I can say is, Unfortunate for us Hillary is not President of the United States and only representing America in some second fiddle position, such as Secretary of State!

Stay tuned...much more coming on Hillary, including....(insert tease here) "Why Hillary Clinton never had any real interest in being U-S Senator from New York."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Next stop: Permanent quarters in the Attic!

We're all familiar with that 'Crazy Uncle' every family keeps locked in the cellar.....but little is ever mentioned about the 'Nutty Aunt' stowed away in the attic who thinks she's a saint!

It's one thing to condemn the old man to the dark, dank depths of the cellar, but yet another to keep Auntie Dearest lodged comfortably near the rafters.

Lets be honest, when critics in this country begin referring to the third most powerful figure in our political system as a nutty kook, something is terribly wrong. Quite frankly, what is wrong, is our election system which allows unqualified individuals to make there way up the power ladder and assume a title as honorable as Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America. As mentioned in a previous blog, voters in states who send inferior representatives to Washington should, in some way be penalized for weighing down the entire country with their 'mistakes.' And Nancy Pelosi is a true definition of the word 'mistake.'

Political strategist would have you believe she possesses abilities beyond most of her counterpart peers, however, it has been my contention if she were to run for the office of U-S representative in most any other area of this country, she would be soundly defeated. Why? Because most voter would see through her saran facade, recognizing a lack of understanding for the majority of her constituents, rather than playing a role of political hack and leaning only to the side which consistently returns her to Washington.

Beyond 'wisdom and knowledge' learned at the feet of her father and brother in Baltimore, Maryland politics, where is this vast reservoir of experience this woman brings with her to the nation's Capitol. It wasn't until some years later when she got a toe-hold into California politics that she clawed her way to political prominence. She is rarely if ever challenged for her congressional seat, resting comfortably for an 'assumed life-time term' in the 8th district of San Francisco, California. In her entire political career, she reportedly only once had to face off in a debate when 'campaigning' for her cozy position.

So allow the old man (Harry) out of the cellar for holidays if you must, but for the safety of all things good and still remaining alive, you are implored to keep this embarrassment to the family, the United States of America, securely locked away in the attic.

Old sayings undergo inflation updates!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saying goodbye to General Motors

General Motors will cease to exist within the next few years.

Sadly, a once great capitalist giant will join earlier American favorites, along side auto makers such as Hudson and Studebaker.

Generally cars are destined for the junk pile because America's buying public is not satisfied with models rolling off assembly lines. Anyone around long enough to remember Studebaker's last gasp for life, will have frightening memories of the company's sleek offering known as the 'Lark.' Unfortunately, during that same period in American history, there was a cigarette also marketed by the same name. It didn't take a government warning slapped on the side of the cigarette pack to end the 'butt's existence,' because they just never appealed to discriminating smokers.

And, as for Studebaker. No government lifeline was thrown its way. Primarily because such a practice back then would have been likened to mixing church and state. Quite frankly, any car manufacturer which would insult the American consumer with such an inferior product, was gladly released from the (then) exclusive American auto manufacturers club. After all, Ford was on the brink of introducing a model some of you may have heard of, known as a Mustang. General Motors was cranking out versions which, with a bit more crafting, could have taken off and flown next to our military's highest flying war machines. The 'wings' were incredible! Chrysler Corporation was also burning the late night oil, attempting to forge ahead with its own novel offerings.

Depending on which side of the street your were when viewing the Studebaker Lark, it was just one hell of a blase car. A box on wheels--absolutely possessing not one bit of appeal to potential car buyers. So, in 1966 we said goodbye to one of the most hideous looking cars ever produced in America. (However, looking back on those Larks through today's eyes, it was as stylish as any heap being dangled in from of auto buyers in the present market)!

Fast forward to today and we see American auto makers in dire straits. Many would say because they are just not producing vehicles appealing to those hard to please U-S automobile consumers. However, I disagree. The big three auto makers in the United States have been turning out some beautiful products, BUT.

When Studebaker was fighting for its existence, what was its competition. The big three. In today's saturated market, we have cars from perhaps every car producing nation on the face of this earth struggling to lure in a limited American car buyers buck.

In addition, how can any U-S car manufacturer expect to exist when they are hampered by strict government regulation, over the top union pension programs and every left wing nut-job organization insisting we should be driving around in nothing more than a refrigerator crate. Where the hell were they when Studebaker was churning out exactly what these people are now insisting we accept today as style. So in reality, Studebaker was ahead of its time. Although you'd have a tough time convincing me Al Gore would be seen sliding behind the wheel of one of these beauties!

The bottom line is, Americans don't like to have products 'shoved down their throats.' The very fact our government has ventured into the car business itself, is like chiming the death toll for this once great car maker. After billions of American taxpayer dollars will be poured into this once noble giant, we will have to face facts and say goodbye to General Motors.

Perhaps the government will come through even further and purchase entire fleets for its agencies to bolster sales as G-M gasps for it's last breath of air. You have to know when the Federal government of the United States of America steps in to bail out an industry, it's like having the grim reaper arrive to lead a sporting events opening day pep rally!