Monday, June 30, 2014

Now that the EPA is wrapping up its quest to destroy the coal industry in America, should farmers in Idaho be concerned about the future of potato production in that part of the country?

Another Racist American Industry?

Who among us is prepared to predict what fate awaits this
Racist vegetable?
??????One final question??????  
If referencing an American Indian, Native American, or whatever the hell we are suppose to use as part of our lingo this degrading and disparaging.
     If you are one of those privileged to live anywhere South of the Mason-Dixon Line, Liberals, Progressives, and Elitist in general have open season when insulting you as a REDNECK.  If you support the 'Tea Party Movement,' you are a REDNECK.....If you stand up to salute,  place your right hand over your heart to pay respect to the American Flag, you are viewed as a roll-in-the-mud-pig-slopping REDNECK.....If you enjoy reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and paying reverence to GOD, you are a REDNECK.  

     We could list hundred of examples tucked away in monologues of every Liberal comedian and politician alike.  Just saying the word REDNECK at a Liberal gathering will give you instant membership, and add points to your 'hood entry fast-pass.'
'Funnyman, Chris Rock'

     So when we found this Chris Rock You Tube video this morning, we wondered how it was possible that, in these days of intolerance and total political correctness, how this Black  African American Comedian was allowed to insult an entire segment of our population, by "AXING" attendees at a Monster Truck Rally questions about topics normally reserved for people living in the hood, he was recognized and acknowledged at the BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION (BET) awards, as a funny man beyond reproach.

     Unfortunately, before that YOU TUBE video could be posted here, it was quickly 'pulled' by the powers that be at that very Liberal website.  Fortunately, someone had foresight to do a screen capture of this, probably reserved exclusive  for yuck-yuck-for-Black-Television viewers video, and we have it here.  However,
you will be required to click on the following link to view this Chris Rock REDNECK review:

     Someone please forward this hilarious presentation along to that 'dog-whistle-hearing' cracka at MSNBC, Chris Matthews for his review and probable condemnation.
'dog-whistle-whisperer' Chris Matthews

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