Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's so special about these numbers? They reflect how gullible Americans have become.

Numbers are boring

      --Net worth figures provided by Center for Responsive Politics (all figures are as of 2012)--
Harry Reid -- Net Worth From $2,565,061 to $6,178,999

Nancy Pelosi -- Net Worth: From $1,046,071 to $174,947,989

Barack Hussein Obama -- Net Worth: From $1,852,013 to $6,881,000

John Kerry -- Net Worth: From $184,659,550 to $288,525,063

Hillary Clinton -- Net Worth:     From $5,195,006 to $25,504,000

These are a few of the little people fetching Obama's coffee.....

     Valerie Jarrett’s net worth is between $3.3 million and $13 million. Christoper Lu is worth between $2.3 million and $5.2 million. David Plouffe is worth as much as $3.6 million, Jay Carney ('Baghdad Jay') as much as $3.2 million, and Daniel Pfeiffer as much as $2.1 million.

     And we would be remiss if ignoring at least one of Obama's most trusted lap dogs, National Security Adviser Tom Donilon.

     Donilon, who is worth as much as $32.5 million, receives $148,000 in annual pension payments from mortgage giant and taxpayer bailout recipient Fannie Mae, where he used to work as a lobbyist, on top of his $172,200 annual White House salary.* 

     The other two PUBLIC SERVANTS in this photo with Obama and Donilon. (l to r)
--Samantha Powers, is our most recent United States Ambassador to the United Nations, who is probably recognized most readily as one of Obama's rope-a-dope unqualified advisers who argued for intervention in Libya.   And who can forget dear Samantha's untimely reference to then Senator Hillary Clinton as a "monster."  (Perhaps this Samantha babe isn't ill-informed after all).                                                                                                                                                         The other charming female in this photo, is of course one of our favorite political hacks--Susie Rice, current National Security Advisor to Obama.  Actually Susie previously was holding the position of UN Ambassador, until Obama decided to use her as a mechanism to pour acid into open wounds of his arch-enemy Republican critics who blocked her appointment as Secretary of State, replacing another putz, more lovingly known as Hillary Clinton.  The names are all interchangeable--drop them in a brown paper bag, shake it around, dump out the contents and you have the same unqualified political hacks who merely exchanged titles during the big 'shake-up!'  Such is the scam, known today as American politics.
     Susan Rice--interchangeable mouth piece for Barack Obama....what is this sweet little pumpkin worth?  Wait for it.....Net Worth: From $27,671,213 to $50,623,011

Yes...numbers are boring in fact, that while the American people, such as those pictured here,  were being wooed by these scoundrels, they became victims of perhaps the most ingenious scam in this nation's history.  Actor Clint Eastwood got it right when he proclaimed.....

‘Obama Is the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on the American People’

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