Monday, June 9, 2014

The vexatious issue of reparations is nothing more than a quick-cash-fix for self-hating, guilt stricken, White Progressives...AKA Liberal Democrats.
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     This dead horse appears to be bound for exhumation once again, and coincidentally, the process always seems linked to an election cycle when Democrat's numbers are in the proverbial 'crapper,' and they recruit their reliable partners in the media to plaster RACISM charges against front running opponents.   

>>>>>The Pigford v. Glickman lawsuit settlement paid out more than $1.25 billion, much of it to fraudulent claimants.*<<<<<

     Most Americans are not even aware, their pockets were picked clean to the tune of one and a quarter billion dollars.    We're referring to a reparation ploy which was labeled as the 'Pigford Scam,' and featured at Obiter Dictum on April 29, 2013.

 'The truth takes time to surface 
in a world of lies.'

     We made it quite clear at that time, 'No one in my family has ever owned slaves, participated in a lynching or even denied a person of color a mortgage.' But despite my innocence, the government would ignore the facts and simply dig into my already empty pockets to provide a convenient pay-day (once again) for other citizens who did, produced, or accomplished absolutely nothing for this payment.  Taking change from my pockets (a white man) and placing it in the pockets of anyone who happens to claim an African American background.  This might be a bit awkward for someone like Barack Obama, considering he is the product of a mixed marriage--does he take change from one pocket, only to deposit in his other????  The question might be as ridiculous as this entire alleged reparation resolution.

     A commenter at another website got it right:  "Somewhere in Rome there is a resolution demanding reparations from the Visigoths...The Welsh have had no luck getting the Saxons to pay up....And despite non-stop 'googling,' we have been unable to locate any evidence where Turkey has forked out one thin Turkish lira to 'Eastern Europeans who were still being enslaved by Ottomans as they fought the Habsburgs in the Balkans."

     Nancy Pelosi, who's estimated wealth, according to some reports, rings in at the 180 million dollar mark, should willingly hand over the bulk of her cash to the Asian community she probably takes pride in representing.

     Why??? You most certainly are asking.....well, ostensibly because of injustices suffered by ancestors of constituents in that section of her district. 

     "In 1880, the elected officials of the city of San Francisco passed an ordinance that persons could not operate a laundry in a wooden building without a permit from the Board of Supervisors. The ordinance conferred upon the Board of Supervisors the discretion to grant or withhold the permits.

     At the time, about 95% of the city's 320 laundries were operated in wooden buildings. Approximately two-thirds of those laundries were owned by Chinese persons. Although most of the city's wooden building laundry owners applied for a permit, only one permit was granted of the two hundred applications from any Chinese owner, while virtually all non-Chinese applicants were granted a permit."

     With this information now in hand, is there any reason why we shouldn't demand Nancy Pelosi to produce her debit card and...Pay Up!

     Besides, in the not too distant past when this reparations con game surfaced, proponents stood on the sidelines cheering on proposals to shell out a few trillion on the nation's already red-lined credit cards.  One can only imagine the horrors which might result.

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     So for now, and to wrap up this discussion, this time around, manna will not fall from the sky anytime in the near future.  Jesus is not scheduled for a mountain top appearance to produce loaves of bread and flapping fish for the masses. 

     Already over-burdened American taxpayers must remind their representatives in Washington, we are watching, and at least on this fishing trip, the hook shall go un-baited.

                                             SORRY CHARLIE!!!!

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