Wednesday, April 6, 2016

If Americans who identify as DEMOCRAT LIBERALS are 'so smart,' why are they blinded by the ignorance of their ideology?

     Many Obiter Dictum readers are familiar with my Liberal cousin 'Liam.'  In coming days, we will reintroduce all of you, once again to the poster boy for ideological ignorance.

Example of Liberal's ideological ignorance,
blatantly obvious to most common sense people, especially when observing the sham being perpetrated by their Party's ELITES in the upcoming 
so-called Presidential nomination process.

Most thinking Americans are in agreement that the nation's election process is totally corrupt, and might even be ranked a few percentage points behind countries normally viewed as BANANA REPUBLICS.

     The Republican Party is no better than their counterpart crooks on the Left.  Granted, they are at the very least giving their party members the impression that they are indeed, electing the Party's nominee for the Presidency, but if they are not served up a candidate with proper pedigree papers meeting their controllable standards, they will 'do the picking' on the Convention floor in Ohio.

    'The United States Constitution has never specified the presidential primary elections and caucuses process; political parties have developed their own procedures over time.'** And many might agree, especially when viewing today's swindling operation taking place in each party, this is where writers of the Constitution erred, and allowed wiggle room for con artists orchestrating unpredictable corruption to rule in America's Presidential process.

     As we have echoed, in so many previous instances at this site...the entire system is corrupt, and the American election process is RIGGED.


** Wikipedia

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