Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When can we expect to see all Disney Theme Park 'Bathrooms' GENDER NEUTRAL?

Which owns
apparently stood on the sidelines, and nodded its animated head approvingly when the minion sports outlet,


Because Schilling dared to express his criticism of MEN sharing 'Ladies Restroom' facilities, because they supposedly identify their gender as 'Female.'

Keep in mind, Schilling never (to our knowledge) mentioned this sensitive topic on air.  Apparently it was his own  personal social network page, and he simply shared the so-called gender neutral image with his followers.

Below is the 'image,' HOWEVER,  THIS WEBSITE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR INCLUSION OF THE (DISNEY) HEADLINE EMBELLISHMENT.  Enjoy, and please.....you are urged to pass this message along to your own followers, located around the world.  No doubt, The Disney Company will be grateful for us helping to get out the word of its nondiscriminatory policies).

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