Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day 2016

Happy Father's Day

     Unfortunately, our dad is no longer with us.  He joined our mom in 2011.  He left behind three sons, two grandsons, and three great-grandsons.

     Dad had a 'hard life,' a product of the '20s, living through the great depression, and WWII (the big one).  Despite hardships endured by most Americans comprising that generation, they survived, and went on to build the greatest nation this world has every witnessed.

     Dad smiled a lot--rarely laughed, but considering the tribulations overcome by him, and his peers, one could understand the mental pain they must have tucked away, while at the same time working endlessly to give his family all those worldly things he never had, through no fault of his own.

     In his later years, Dad's biggest smiles were quite often reserved for his grand children, and two of his three great grand sons, he lived to enjoy.

     Dad would have smiled if he could have seen this little boy, simply being a little boy--just like those who loved him in his life.  


     Special thanks to Jay Kelley for sharing this heart warming video with all of us


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