Sunday, June 19, 2016

To our European friends, Germans in particular--Please get your own house in order before recommending who should reign over our Kingdom in the United States

     In 2008, Der Spiegel was telling both, the World and its German citizens, they were about to.....
'Meets the Super Star'
Announcing with much fanfare, they were about to be witnesses to history with
'Barack Obama's Appearance in Berlin'

     However, when 2012 rolled around, that so-called sparkle in the Universe, quickly gravitated toward becoming an Earthly Supernova.

     By the year 2012, Obama was ascending to his throne for a second term, and Der Spiegel was now telling both, the World and its German citizens,

'Barack Obama and the Germans
 The lost friend

Now Der Spiegel is back.....
telling Americans how they should cast their ballots in the
Presidential Election of 2016

     According to Der Spiegel, Hillary Clinton has a Mission....

'To save the World from Donald Trump'

     Der Spiegel seems to be comparing Donald Trump to one of that country's most notorious leaders, who if he happened to be alive today, the Rag would most likely be giving a most favorable endorsement to the mustachioed oneOf course decades later, and hoping to land on the right side of history, Der Spiegel's cover story probably would look something like this:

 At this point, the reader should be getting Der Spiegel's 
real message quite clearly: 

 One simple question for the 
citizens of Germany

the future should be all about

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