Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton's hateful 'cultist' are no better than recently seen rioting thugs in Charlotte. These are HER 'Deplorables'

Who are the 'Real Deplorables?'

     If a Trump supporter dares to sneeze in the presence of Hillary Clinton, her media henchmen report the incident as an aggressive attack on THEIR candidate.  Unfortunately, their cameras seemingly are unable to record and broadcast the hateful and violent nature of her very own.....

These are some of the people 
locking arms with 

And when you view all 16:17 minutes of this unedited 
video, get back to me with ONE similar instance of
Donald Trump supporters terrorizing those who choose to 
follow Hillary Clinton and the 'deplorable' globalists who pull her strings.

If you want anarchy, and a total  societal breakdown in your children's America, 
you have no choice but to join those we now label

youtube:  Story Time


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  1. With all the rioting going on after the election, I guess we now know who the real deplorable's are!!


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