Friday, October 28, 2016

Why aren't they out campaigning for their 'big sister Hillary?' Best keep 'Moe & Curly' under wraps until the anticipated coronation.


     Truth be told, both of Hillary's younger siblings (Hugh and Tony) have been sources of embarrassment since her days as first lady during the 1990s.

     According to one source, "Hugh Rodham treated the White House "like a dorm."  A longtime friend of the Clinton's, describing Hugh's behavior. "Hughie would show up in the worst outfits. … He would be wearing shorts with golf balls on them and a T-shirt. He would sit in the Solarium, and Hillary wouldn't bat an eyelash. People would come all dressed up for dinner, and Hughie would waddle up in his shorts and fall asleep."  

     Even the New York Times, which recently endorsed Hillary Clinton's candidacy, outlined how Tony tried to profit off his womb-attachment to 'big sis' Hillary.  The paper reported he had repeatedly tried to profit from his connection to the former first family.    

    "Hillary has kept the two out of the public eye, despite them wanting to help her campaigns."  An unnamed source characterizing the dynamic duo as "the id of Bill and Hillary Clinton. A bunch of money-grubbing and opportunistic hillbillies with no sense of ethics, decency, or even legality."  *

     "While Bill Clinton's coke-addled half-brother, Roger, was a continued embarrassment to his presidency, it can be said he at least caused no major international incidents. The same doesn't exactly apply to his wife's brothers, Tony and Hugh Rodham, who almost cost the United States a crucial ally in Eastern Europe. And, unlike Roger, it wasn't cocaine that screwed everything up -- it was hazelnuts.

     First off, Tony and Hugh did not exactly have much going for them from the start. While Hillary was off getting a law degree and marrying Bill, her brothers bounced around to various odd jobs such as prison guard and repo man. Then their brother-in-law got elected president in 1992, and they had it made.

At first, Tony and Hugh did little things, like trying to get corporate donations for upcoming election parties, but Hillary had to tell them to knock it off. And then in 1999, they teamed up for a get rich quick scheme to import hazelnuts from the country of Georgia. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing that they could fuck up on an "international incident" scale, but like wacky sitcom brothers, they found a way.

     The problem was that the U.S. government needed to stay on good terms with Georgia's government, since they were helping out during the war in Kosovo. America was thus friendly with Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze. But the guy in charge of the hazelnut company the Rodham brothers were dealing with was Aslan Abashidze, Shevardnadze's archenemy.

     So when word of this hazelnut deal got out with the Clinton in-laws attached, it made the Clintons look like they were working against the Georgian president behind the scenes.

     The Clintons asked the Rodham brothers to drop it for the good of, you know, not destabilizing a former hostile Soviet territory. They actually refused for a while, before finally agreeing to let it go for the good of Georgia. Since then, Hillary has kept the two out of the public eye, despite them wanting to help her campaigns. If she'd become president in 2008, we're thinking that by now at least one of these guys would have come up with a hair-brained scheme to sell the nuclear arsenal to a dude they knew in college."**
     The Clinton Campaign might be keeping Hillary's  two bonehead brothers out of sight for more embarrassing reasons.  But as we are all well aware, every family most likely has their own Crazy Uncle Joe they keep locked up in the attic.

No such luck with this one

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