Sunday, October 16, 2016

Is saving the ass of a corrupt politician worth risking war with Russia?

     Who could have ever imagined, the Russians allegedly working behind the scenes, and doing a job the American media should be doing to save this country, and the world, from allowing a two-bit corrupt politician to jump into the Presidential ring, playing tag-team politics with the current occupier, and thereby risking the fate and future of America?

     If we are to believe reports coming from mainstream media sources,  Barack Obama appears ready to launch a very dangerous counter cyber action against Russia, 'just to save the ass of a fellow corrupt politician.' (If you haven't guessed, this would be Hillary Diane Rodham....or more commonly known throughout her nuptially supported career as, Mrs. Bill Clinton).

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     It is presented here, in its entirety (unfortunately, without permission from its author) recognizing the words as a representation of many of our reader's belief.  These words will be removed at request of the author, directed to this website. 

   The headline, “CIA plans cyber-attack on  Russia”should say “Frightened Obama goes Dr.Strangelove”

     "Okay, so now we are supposed to believe that Barack Obama, The Cowardly Lion is so worried about “The Russians” hacking the Democrats to pervert the outcome of the election that he is planning to plunge America into a nuclear war to stop them. Really? How very Dr. Strangelove of him! 

     Whether The Cowardly Lion is bluffing or serious once again he has shown us exactly why he nor any other Democrat should ever be our Commander in Chief. If he is serious, then this “leak” is yet another “telegraphing” of our intentions what would doom any action The Cowardly Lion would take.

     So what is this all about? The answer is simple: The Democrats know they are getting closer to a tidal wave defeat and they are so scared they will try anything, even threatening nuclear war against a country that could strike back quickly, to try to stop what is coming. 

     The Democrats know the faked feel good polls will help them only just so much; but they will never be able to curb the enthusiasm of those who will crawl through broken glass to vote to get rid of them. They can read the surveys on voter enthusiasm and see Democrats just don’t have it. They know it is voter enthusiasm that ultimately wins elections. 

     This new ‘Red Line in the Sand,” against a country the media has decided to “blame” the Wikileaks drops on, is just another example of The Cowardly Lion talking tough. The red line in the sand will soon turn into a yellow line down his back. 

     Obama and the Democrats are afraid that a President Donald Trump will expose all of the corruption they have committed over the past eight years and put many of them in prison. Scared witless, Obama is playing the part of Black Bart the sheriff in Blazing Saddles who puts a gun to his own head and tells a menacing crowd that if they take one step closer he will shoot.

     At least he had a gun in his hand; our Black Bart has no such option. Obama can’t plunge us into war by himself. If he asked Congress for a Declaration of War on Russia he would be shown the door. While this would be bad for the Democrats if he tried to do so without Congressional approval it would be worse for him and his band of Washington gangsters.

     And speaking of Washington gangsters, does anyone really believe Americans would elect Hillary Clinton on some tired old “We can’t change horses in mid-stream” nonsense? Does anyone really believe Americans would rather be led by a sick tired old woman than a strong decisive man in times of nuclear war? And make no mistake, a nuclear war is exactly what a conflict with Russia would be.
Black Bart, The Cowardly Lion has painted himself and his Washington gangsters into a corner. We will step around them on our way to the polls."
Excellent article.  
Thanks for your courageous words of encouragement to
 MOST Americans who still believe in a 
free society of, by and for the people.

     And to our many readers, and friends in Russia.  This example of bureaucratic 'cowboy' politics taking place by leaders in our country and Russia, certainly does not reflect beliefs and policies of the American people, and we can assume a similar position is held by your countrymen.  Wars have never been between 'peoples' of a nation, but more of an expression of bullishness and inflated egos by those abusing their leadership positions.  May our friendship between 'peoples' continue long after these so-called leaders have dissolved into an after thought of yesterday's mistakes.  Peace be with you.

*Russian for 'Kitchen'
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