Monday, July 29, 2013

Another 'scandal' Obama can support (similar to 'poor little innocent--pure as the wind blown snow' Trayvon's tragic demise)

 While a worthless and complicit media, and 'low-information' American public are distracted by this side show curiosity.....
They allow this
anomaly another day to
divide and conquer.
 "If CNN falls for the Democratic line of the day, well, then, there’s no scandal!" *

     Fast and furious, Eric Holder's Justice Department collecting phone data on Associated Press reporters and others, the IRS targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups, BENGHAZI (four brutally murdered Americans), NSA's total disregard of laws protecting American's right to privacy, and the list increases with each passing day.

     "It is perfectly understandable why the president and his supporters would want to dismiss as illegitimate these and other smoldering controversies. The president himself and senior administration officials initially recognized and acknowledged the severity and seriousness of the above scandals – their seriousness has not dissipated as their scope has broadened. As the various investigations into these infractions evolved, Obama and his supporters have become more aggressively contemptuous of those pursuing them and have attacked the motives of anyone who would seek to hold a frank discussion about these infractions. This is perhaps the most compelling indication that these and other scandals are anything but “phony.”  **

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