Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The general racist nature of the American society?

Eric Holder

Eric Holder 
Most political observers agree, his philosophy has not changed.
                      The general racist nature of the American society?

     Don't you find it rather peculiar, this man who occupies one of the most powerful positions in this nation, would still, to this day, have such a distorted vision of his fellow Americans. And rather than putting out this raging fire people sharing his beliefs ignited, he appears to be fanning the flames.

     So,we are being forced out of our so-called comfort zone.  Not because we have any desire to get involved with these current demonstrations, but we are tired of constantly defending against being labeled racists by those in leadership positions whose apparent motivation is to 'divide and conquer.'  We watch as our freedoms, Democracy, and our American way of life, is stripped away.

     Too many people put their lives on the line to give us this life we enjoy today, and those who challenge our freedoms will most certainly discover we refuse to let it go without putting up a fight. 

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