Monday, July 15, 2013

The face of HATE in today's America

The Ugly Face of
     Civilized people....hell, just ordinary hard working, God-fearing Americans have no idea what is happening inside this man's head.  Actually, most could give a rats ass about people such as this man, because quite frankly, people have lives to live....if lucky, jobs to go to, and hopefully concerns about their own lives and those of their families...wives, husbands, kids.

     Average Americans (black, white, pink, yellow, and lets not leave out those green with envy like Al) simply want to live their lives, perhaps making it through a hard day of work, knowing they are accomplishing something constructive, earning a pay-check, putting food on the table for their loved ones.  If they have time at the end of their day, they might even have an opportunity to settle back and relax with a few uninterrupted moments of TV entertainment....something to help them forget the rigors of their day, and also their sometimes over burdened lives.

     Surly, they do not expect to click on their TV and see the likes of this hate monger.  They wonder how someone akin to Al--an often illiterate speaking self made professional fool -- is allowed to continue the ranting, the agitation, the stoking of hateful racial fires.  Fanning flames where quite honestly there wasn't even a fire.
     They wonder how the government they support with their hard earned tax dollars allows Al's never ending traveling side show to continue his self-serving and ugly hate filled movement.  Constantly driving a wedge between American citizens, always hoping to bring together rioting masses of normally law abiding citizens for the sole purpose of tearing apart this great nation. If you haven't noticed Al, you are no longer significant--hell, you were hired by NBC--can't get any further insignificance than accepting this lower station in life.   You are an embarrassment to the black community.   Most African-Americans have moved on Al, realizing we are no longer living in the '60s.

     Racially speaking (your favorite kinda 'talk dirty to me' language) Al, everyone agrees, wounds have been slow to heal, but there is no longer a need for tourniquets and ace-bandages.  Your train left the stations 40 years ago and you are still standing on the platform waving that banner of antagonism.  You attempt to nestle yourself comfortably protected under a blanket of cover so eloquently laid out by Doctor Martin Luther King, but if Reverend King happened to materialize in front of you, he would denounce and castigate you for being the immoral fool you so wittingly created.
     The average American is fed up with a government which has been so corrupted....corrupted to the point where their predecessors from a mere 20 years ago would not recognize this country.  The average American has been pushed to the brink, and honestly, that is what the Left had intended from the very beginning of their crusade of hate and division.  Truth be known, their goal is nothing more than an unquenchable quest for power, reaping a harvest of wealth and riches at the expense of minions, appearing in a rainbow of colors, who react to their never ending hate filled commands.


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